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Reacting to Podcast Feedback – PCI 364
September 28, 2023

How do you react to good or bad feedback? Reacting to podcast feedback can take some practice, more specifically depending on the type feedback you are receiving. Ultimately, the way you react to pod

Taking a Social Media Break While Podcasting – PCI 363
September 21, 2023

Taking a Break From Social Media While Podcasting We all need a social media break once in a while. But don't leave your podcast listeners in the dust! Follow the tips below to ensure that you'll have

What Not to Do in Podcasting – PCI 362
September 07, 2023

What Not to Do With Your Podcast Beyond the excitement of starting and maintaining your own podcast, there are a handful of things that you should avoid doing as well. Today we are here to discuss wha

Podcast Movement Denver Blubrry Recap – PCI 361
August 31, 2023

After much preparation and anticipation, half of Blubrry's Podcast Movement attendees headed to Colorado from Michigan while the other half simply headed from their homes in Denver. It was refreshing

Pet Peeves While Listening to a Podcast – PCI 360
August 24, 2023

Those annoying little podcast recording habits that can cost a podcaster their credibility. - All three of us hosts on Podcast Insider are avid podcast listeners. There are things that annoy us and

Pros and Cons of Live Podcasting – PCI 359
August 17, 2023

The pros and cons of hosting a 'live' podcast Live podcasting offers several advantages . . . and disadvantages. On the side of pros, it enhances audience engagement by enabling real-time interaction

Dos and Don’ts for Podcast Show Notes – PCI 358
August 10, 2023

Writing better show notes is easy if you follow these dos and don'ts Mike and MacKenzie discuss the various dos and don'ts that comprise useful podcast show notes. Show notes add a plethora of informa

Hired Help For Your Podcast – PCI 357
August 03, 2023

Are you considering hired help for your podcast? In today's episode we'll be discussing eight factors to consider when hiring a paid podcast consultant for your podcast. Often times the podcast host i

Podcasting For Your Job – PCI 356
July 27, 2023

Best practices for employees podcasting for their company This week we're exploring the ways that employees of any organization can podcast. Join MacKenzie and Mike as they discuss the best practices

Why Podcasters Podcast – PCI 355
July 21, 2023

Why Did You Start Your Podcast? The inspiration behind starting a podcast is unique to each creator. This week we dive into the reasons why people choose to start a show, ranging from personal passion