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Live Demos and Webinars Galore – PCI 214
October 22, 2020

Recently we've been quite busy with live demos, webinars and virtual events. Podcasters are no stranger to live recordings, and the industry is buzzing with collaboration and information sharing. The Blubrry team is hosting some webinars and demos this...

Minor but Important Additions to Podcast RSS Feeds, featuring Stacey Mack – PCI 213
October 15, 2020

It's worthwhile to have a podcast host that implements new features in a timely manner, for instance new tags that seem minor can have significant importance to podcast RSS feeds. - Filling in for Todd this week,

Powerful Women in Podcasting – PCI 212
October 08, 2020

Last week Blubrry was lucky enough to have two sessions for International Podcast Day, one of which was hosted by MacKenzie Bennett, Powerful Women in Podcasting. She was joined by two guests, Candy O'Terry and Laura Wiese,

Podcasting History and Future with Adam Curry – PCI-211
October 01, 2020

Today Todd, Mike and Adam talk about the history and future of podcasting. They also cover some news stories and some advice for podcasters to keep up with your fans and listeners. - **Warning - The interview part of this episode contains just a few c...

Podcast Platforms – PCI 210
September 24, 2020

There are a variety of podcast platforms available for shows to be found on and podcasters to submit to, but not all are created equal. They are all have certain features and quirks, Todd and Mike get into some pros and cons of the major directories cu...

Presidential Debate on a Podcast? – PCI 209
September 17, 2020

It's been a long seven months here in the United States (as it has been elsewhere), and we're only two weeks away from the U.S Presidential Debates - which was recently suggested to be hosted on Joe Rogan's podcast, with Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Taking a Day Off From Your Podcast – PCI 208
September 10, 2020

A release schedule can be critical for a podcast, but so are breaks every once in a while. We promise, taking time off won't kill your podcast overnight. There are a few strategies and best practices for taking some time off,

Choosing A Podcast Title, featuring Mike Moreno – PCI 207
September 03, 2020

Choosing a title for a podcast is not always an easy thing to do, but it is an important part of a podcast. A crucial step in starting your podcast or any kind of rebranding, Todd and Mike provide some tips for podcasters to use when making this decisi...

More About the Blubrry Way Featuring Lori Reising – PCI 206
August 27, 2020

Audible's new podcast plans, Shaq changes podcast teams, Apple sends an email to podcasters and we ask you to help new podcasters by spreading the Blubrry Way! - Thanks to Lori Reising for joining Mike to tell her story about The Raw and Wild Hearts P...

Podcasting Ratings and Reviews, featuring David Mendes – PCI 205
August 21, 2020

Asking your audience to leave a podcast rating or review is not uncommon, but the benefits are not always what podcasters are meant to believe. Mike and Todd explain why this is the case in Apple, and discuss some new virtual podcast events. -