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Live Show and Joe Pardo – PCI – 183
March 20, 2020

Todd and Mike recorded this podcast live to change it up a bit and to showcase how easy it can be to record a podcast during a time when almost everyone that can work from home, is. We've got PSAs available to all podcasters to use in their podcast abo...

Anibal Ruiz – Non-Profit Luminaries – PCI – 182
March 12, 2020

Todd and Mike talk about podcasting events, including some canceled ones, the results of our Nominate Your Favorite Woman Podcaster contest, and it's a COVID-19 world, be diligent and safe stay out there folks! -

Win Charles – Ask Win and Diary of a Fashionista Podcast – PCI – 181
March 05, 2020

Blubrry's legal counsel graciously stepped in to join Mike on Podcast Insider to fill in for Todd, who is attending Podfest. They discuss equipment updates - such as AudioTechnica - and some podcasters, new and old.

Jim Malliard – The Malliard Report – PCI – 180
February 28, 2020

The team has been busy attending podcasting events recently, but Todd is back this episode to chat with Mike about new Edison Research tracking, Sony, and Oprah have announced new ventures in podcasting and more.

Trevor Bell – The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove – PCI – 179
February 20, 2020

Kate from Blubrry's Pro-Production team joined Mike Dell on this episode of Podcast Insider to discuss the new Podcast Academy, smart speakers, show notes and more. The announcement of the Podcast Academy brought many reactions - good and bad.

CJ Boat – Geek I/O – PCI – 178
February 13, 2020

Lots of things happening in the podcasting community this week, including Podcast Evolutions in Los Angeles. With Todd attending the event, Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry, stepped in during his absence. Mike and Angelo talk about Chartable's IAB certif...

Bill Fairchild – Run Jump Stomp – PCI – 177
February 06, 2020

Podcasting can be a very lucrative business for some. That includes the hosts as as well as the companies involved in content creation and distribution. Some numbers have been released letting us know that some popular hosts are able to make millions -...

Tommy Savoia – Cube Command – PCI 176
January 30, 2020

Todd and Mike take a stab at politics and their relation to podcasts. They also discuss some recent issues with Apple and Spotify. Thanks to Tommy Savoia for being the guest this week, showcasing a topic we haven't focused on often, gaming!

Gordon Firemark – Entertainment Lawyer – PCI 175
January 23, 2020

As many podcasters are hobbyists, the legal aspects of podcasting are often a mystery. Gordon Firemark has made a name for himself in the podcast industry by sharing his knowledge as an entertainment lawyer.

Daniel J. Lewis – The Audacity to Podcast – PCI 174
January 16, 2020

Three long-time podcasters on the show this episode of Podcast Insider; Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and special guest, Daniel J. Lewis. They discuss current industry news and even get into a case from many years ago concerning patents and podcasting. -