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A New Milestone, 200 Episodes from the Blubrry Team – PCI – 200
July 16, 2020

Welcome to a special celebration episode of Podcast Insider, our 200th episode. Mike and MacKenzie hosted and shared some memories and past episode clips from over the years. Before they begin the reminiscing,

Stitcher Has Been Bought, Again. Featuring Stigma Free Vet Zone – PCI 199
July 09, 2020

Todd and Mike are Navy and Air Force veterans, respectfully, and recently spoke with a veteran podcast, be sure to stick around for this weeks interview portion. - Stitcher has recently been acquired by SiriusXM for a reported $300 million,

Utilizing WordPress and Podcast Host Changes – PCI – 198
July 02, 2020

It's well-known that we encourage podcasters to use WordPress for their podcast - website as well as RSS feed. With any service there are dos and don'ts, pros and cons. This episode Todd and Mike discuss those and more when it comes to maximizing resul...

The Blubrry Way and Guest Kevin Pannell – PCI – 197
June 25, 2020

Podcasting the Blubrry way - what does this really mean? - We strive to make our service as easy as possible for all podcasters, without losing the power that podcasting really has and that we want podcasters to have control over.

Choosing Podcast Gear and Guest York Campbell – PCI 196
June 18, 2020

Choosing podcast gear can seem overwhelming, and we break down some suggestions on what new podcasters should get. Not only do we provide suggestions on what to get, but also what not to purchase or focus on when getting your podcast started. -

Blubrry Podcast Hosting via AWS Marketplace – PCI – 195
June 11, 2020

The past few weeks have been crazy busy with releases here at Blubrry, and Mike and Todd review them in this episode of Podcast Insider. - Our most recent release, Blubrry podcast hosting now available via the AWS Marketplace,

PowerPress 8.3 Released – PCI – 194
June 04, 2020

Happy Birthday, Todd! - Here at Blubrry we're big believers that podcasters should have a website for their podcast, and it turns out we're not the only one. Check out the article listed below that details reasons why a podcaster should always have a ...

PowerPress 8.3 in Final Beta and Featuring The Urban Astronomer – PCI 193
May 28, 2020

The Blubrry team is putting some finishing touches on the latest version of PowerPress which features a major UI/UX overall. We can't wait to see what you think of the changes, and big thanks to all of our beta testers. -

Private Internal Podcasting Launch – PCI – 192
May 21, 2020

The team is proud to announce the launch of Private Internal Podcasting by Blubrry. We've nicknamed it PIP and go over all the details on what we offer in this week's episode. Our plugin, PowerPress also has a new beta available for 8.3,

Say Goodbye to Google Play Music Podcasts – PCI – 191
May 14, 2020

Todd and Mike caught up on Google Podcasts Manager, and reviewed how people will be able to transfer their information from Google Plays Music Podcasts to the new Manager. Youtube Music comes into play in this transfer. -