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How Many Podcasters Are There? – PCI 238
April 08, 2021

As a podcaster, it's good to have an overview of the industry as a whole. Such as, how many podcasts are there? That's an easy answer, over 2 million as of spring 2021. However, once you start to look at the shows individually,

Don’t Be A Fool – PCI 237
April 01, 2021

Happy April Fools Day! We promise, we do enjoy helping our customers. One thing we don't joke about at Blubrry Podcasting is copyrighted music or material. It'll get podcasters into hot water fast (seriously,

How to Organize Your Podcast Production – PCI 236
March 25, 2021

Special Announcement: Samsung Podcasts — Blubrry is a launch partner. Organizing your podcast production helps to make sure your audience is getting consistent episodes and makes it easier for you, the podcaster.

What Day Should You Release Your Podcast, featuring Diana Winkler – PCI 235
March 18, 2021

Many podcasters have this question: what day should you release your podcast episode. There isn't a straight answer on this, but a few solid recommendations that we go over in our experience and the overall industry.

To Subscribe or Follow, That is the Podcast Question – PCI 234
March 12, 2021

Podcasting is always changing, and that's certainly been the case this week. Starting out with a change in Apple Podcasts, changing the option from Subscribe to Follow. Multiple acquisitions are in the works and the yearly Infinite Dial results were pr...

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline – PCI 233
March 04, 2021

You're not done once you publish your podcast. Next comes marketing the episode, typically on social media. But before you do that, you might want to do one more thing right after you publish. Make sure that the episode indeed plays.

When to Update Your Podcast Website – PCI 232
February 25, 2021

If you're not a web novice, it can be hard to know when to update your podcast website. So, so many podcasters are doing their show because they are passionate and knowledgeable on their topic, but that doesn't mean they are familiar with all the behin...

Can You Moderate a Podcast? PCI – 231
February 18, 2021

Podcasters can say anything they want; that's a good thing and a bad thing sometimes. Moderating or moderators for podcasting currently does not exist and is questionable of whether it ever will. Mike and MacKenzie discuss this and more,

What Is In A Podcast Name? – PCI 230
February 11, 2021

What is in a podcast name? And why can they be so challenging to choose sometimes. One of the most basic and first things you must do when creating your podcast, is choosing a name for your show. We've got some recommendations on how to handle the situ...

Future Podcast Related Releases from Apple – PCI 229
February 04, 2021

There are some podcast related releases coming from Apple in the near future, and Todd and Mike are here to discuss them. For Apple Watch and Apple iPhone, look out for new content as well as UI. - Don't miss the BLK Pod Collective virtual summit next...