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Lois Melkonian – More to Life with Faith and Lois – PCI – 168
December 05, 2019

After a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Mike and Todd are back with a full episode and interview this week. Those of you interested in the nitty gritty tech support  details will enjoy this RSS feed heavy discussion.

Toby Goodman – Blubrry Pro Production – PCI-167
November 28, 2019

MacKenzie talks with Toby Goodman from the Blubrry Pro-Production team on this shorty episode. Blubrry Pro-Production is now available for all of our professional hosting customers to help you launch your podcast or simply put your show on auto-pilot –...

Scottye Moore –  BS Network – PCI-166
November 21, 2019

We're inching closer to Thanksgiving here in the U.S and podcasters and companies are busy with lots of releases before the end of the year. The Blubrry team released a new product and service this month, and Todd and Mike discuss some changes that are...

Nick Howell – Orbital Jigsaw Network – PCI-165
November 14, 2019

Nick Howell, shares his trials and tribulations of podcasting, and being involved in multiple shows. Since Todd is attending and speaking at Digital Hollywood, Angelo Mandato guest hosted this week. He's got lots of Blubrry information to share and inf...

Joshua Manley – Nerd On! The Podcast – PCI-164
November 07, 2019

Lots of podcasting news to discuss, specifically well-known organizations making changes to their podcasting plans. Mike and Todd talk about some failed or difficult services at the moment and how best to deal with those challenges.

Teachercast Network – Jeffrey Bradbury – PCI-163
October 31, 2019

Podcast Insider, Halloween edition

Brian Basilico – The Bacon Podcast – PI 162
October 24, 2019

MacKenzie joins Todd for this episode as Mike is out for a few days. They talk about how Sirius XM and Pandora are dipping their feet into the content side of podcasting, they're launching a Marvel set of shows. Women and female listenership is up,

Dan Smolen – The Tightrope – PCI-161
October 18, 2019

Thanks to Dan Smolen for joining our team this week to talk about his show, The Tightrope, you can catch his feature shortly after the beginning of the episode. Mike and Todd discuss some issues with Apple's latest OS release,

Eric Hunley – Unstructured – PCI-160
October 10, 2019

Our guest today is Eric Hunley (@hunleyeric) of Unstructured, whose authentic, well researched interviews deliver more insight and understanding than structured shows allow. Hunley cuts to the quick in his interviews to explore why his guests dared to ...

International Podcast Day Session – PCI-159
October 03, 2019

Todd, MacKenzie and Mike did a session for International Podcast Day 2019. A session titled, 'The Top Things You Should Know About Your Podcast.' Daniel J. Lewis, from the Audacity to Podcast, was in charge of our session - giving Steve and Dave Lee a ...