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The 300th Episode of Podcast Insider – PCI 300
June 23, 2022

When this show started in 2008 we never could have imagined that we'd be at episode 300 now. Join us as we celebrate the 300th episode of Podcast Insider today! MacKenzie joined Todd and Mike to host

Apple Podcasts Search Results – PCI 299
June 16, 2022

Learning never stops in podcasting. Recently, the team at Apple explained how Apple podcast search works and the results it gives, in terms of user behavior, metadata, and more. Speaking of learning,

Blubrry Programmatic Advertising Coming Soon – PCI 298
June 09, 2022

Looking to monetize your podcast? Luckily, Blubrry has programmatic advertising coming soon to our platform for all hosting customers. Mike and Todd chat about what this will entail with our podcaster

New Podcast Equipment – PCI 297
June 02, 2022

Filling in for Todd today, MacKenzie talks with Mike about some new podcast equipment being released in the near future. They also discuss some stats on how and what people are listening to that might

The Value of Podcasting – PCI 296
May 26, 2022

Explaining to your boss or company why your business should have a podcast isn't always an easy conversation, but it can be done well! Follow a few simple steps to convince the decision maker on your

Coming this Fall to Podcasters, Delegated Delivery – PCI 295
May 19, 2022

Apple Podcasts will be making it easier for all new podcast - free and premium - to submit to their directory. Blubrry is one of a handful of podcast hosts that will be implementing this into their pl

RIP the iPod 2001-2022 – PCI 294
May 12, 2022

An essential part of how podcasting came to be, the iPod, is no longer. Apple has decided to discontinue making and selling iPod Touches, the most recent iteration of the original iPod. Along with new

Extras for Your Podcast Listeners – PCI 293
May 05, 2022

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Todd is out and MacKenzie chats with Mike about the come and goings of well known people in podcasting, the failure of Facebook’s podcast integration and how it’s important to pro

Legal Podcast Topics – PCI 292
April 28, 2022

This week, Mike is joined by Barry Kantz and they talk about Twitter, Joe Rogan and a few different legal topics that apply to you as a podcaster. As Barry is an attorney, he has great advice on how t

Narrow Podcasting with Toby Goodman – PCI-291
April 21, 2022

Mike is joined by Toby Goodman, who runs the Blubrry Pro Production for us. They talked about a lot of things going on in the news and some Blubrry news.  Toby even pre-recorded a Pro Tip and we answe