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Podcast Best Practice: File Naming – PCI 246
June 03, 2021

Not everything about podcasting is fun and creative; but it's useful to keep up on a handful of tips, for example, a podcast best practice: file naming conventions. Todd and Mike discussed what's currently going on at Amazon Prime and Apple,

The Technical Side of Podcasting – PCI 245
May 27, 2021

As a podcast hosting company, we know the finer details of how podcasting works and the importance of the technical side of podcasting, first and foremost the RSS feed. That's why this episode we brought in Angelo Mandato, Blubrry's CIO,

And the Winner Is… Podcasting Awards Shows – PCI 244
May 20, 2021

The Ambies are considered to be one of the first major awards shows for podcasting and kicked off this past weekend. Guesting on the podcast this week, Barry Kantz from the team discusses multiple podcasting awards shows and interview techniques.

Are You an Indie Podcaster? – PCI 243
May 13, 2021

How would you define yourself as a podcast host? Are you an indie podcaster? Or are you doing this for your career or leapt into what some might consider a professional podcaster? It's up to you as the host or creator to put such label on yourself if y...

How Do You Listen to Podcasts – PCI 242
May 06, 2021

At the end of the day, a podcaster will be happy that they have listeners, regardless of where or how they are listening to their podcast. As a hosting provider, we wonder, how do you listen to podcasts and do podcast creators and hosts care where thei...

Premium Podcasting from Apple and Spotify
April 29, 2021

Off to a somewhat bumpy start, Apple and Spotify are going to offer premium aka paid for podcast subscriptions. Apple promised an update in their latest iOS that would feature new functionality for premium shows,

Apple is Making Podcast Changes – PCI 240
April 22, 2021

Every year the tech industry awaits Apple events, one of which was this week. And let's just say that Apple is making significant podcast changes for its app and more, and has already gotten started. This week loads of podcasts in their directory are f...

Simplify Your Podcast – PCI 239
April 15, 2021

After you've been producing your show for a while you might yourself wondering, how can you simplify your podcast. Over the years we've had varying levels of production style and steps in our podcast routine, but in the end we tend to think,

How Many Podcasters Are There? – PCI 238
April 08, 2021

As a podcaster, it's good to have an overview of the industry as a whole. Such as, how many podcasts are there? That's an easy answer, over 2 million as of spring 2021. However, once you start to look at the shows individually,

Don’t Be A Fool – PCI 237
April 01, 2021

Happy April Fools Day! We promise, we do enjoy helping our customers. One thing we don't joke about at Blubrry Podcasting is copyrighted music or material. It'll get podcasters into hot water fast (seriously,