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Advanced RSS Features: Podcasting 2.0 – PCI 335
March 02, 2023

Blubrry is dedicated to implementing Podcasting 2.0 features; today we'll be exploring what some of these features are and how they work within the Blubrry Podcasting platform. - We hope you enjoy tod

Writing Podcast Show Notes – PCI 334
February 23, 2023

As we continue getting back to the basics of podcasting, on todays Podcast Insider we explore the value of -- and offer tips for -- show notes. - We hope you enjoy todays episode ofPodcast Insider;

The Best Way to Start a Podcast • PCI 333
February 16, 2023

Tips to Getting Your Podcast Going As people who have launched lots of podcasts over the years, Todd and Mike from the Blubrry team are more than equipped to provide tips on the best way to start a po

Refresh Your Podcast – PCI 332
February 09, 2023

There comes a time that you should refresh your podcast; change something up. And it's time for Blubrry to do the same. Next week we'll be back with a whole new format and some stylistic changes but s

The Power of Value4Value – PCI 331
February 02, 2023

We're just learning the power of Value4Value for podcasters. Blubrry recently released this new RSS feed feature and we are excited to see where it leads for podcasters. Todd and Mike discuss how it w

Does an RSS Feed Make a Podcast? – PCI 330
January 26, 2023

In recent years we've seen how people are getting their podcast change. New apps, new formats etc. But does an RSS feed make a podcast, a real podcast? We discuss in various topics today how podcastin

Podcast Sound – PCI 329
January 19, 2023

The great debate in podcasting: sound vs. video. Podcasting is most often known as audio, but in recent years has taken a sharp turn to video as well. Podcast sound only reigns king for regular publis

Blubrry’s Latest: Apple Podcast Subscription Publishing • PCI 328
January 12, 2023

Our first big release of the year was working with Apple. We now integrate with Apple Podcast Subscription shows for easy publishing directly from the Blubrry platform. - Anyone producing a premium su

What’s Ahead for 2023?
January 05, 2023

Enough with the 2022 recap, we're here to focus on what's ahead for 2023. Mike and MacKenzie review some recent articles predicting and focusing on potential changes the podcast industry; it's a bit f

2022 Predictions. How did we do? – PCI 326
December 29, 2022

Todd and Mike review how the predictions panned out for this last year. Also, Mike had a little fun with the RoadCaster Pro's cart buttons :) Todd paid the $1 bet. It was fun and a little rough aroun