Podcast Media Kit

Blubrry Podcasting provides each paid podcast hosting customer and/or paid standard stats customer the ability to combine data from their podcast statistics and audience surveys to produce a free podcast media kit, updated daily.

Podcast Media Kits can be expensive and time consuming to pull together, and are pretty much out of date as soon as you publish them. Our media kits are refreshed daily with the latest data.

Who to Share Your Podcast Media Kit With

  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • Media writers
  • Partnership deals
  • Future guests
  • Event and speaker coordinators

Grow Your Show

A podcast media kit is a terrific way to show off your podcast growth and the makeup of your audience in a one-sheet format that anyone can digest. It also shares your social media links and numbers, and how to contact you. Take a look at the Podcast Insider media kit here.

We’ve chosen to include all of the data points that areavailable.