Podcast Media Kit

Having a podcast media kit when looking for advertising and credibility streamlines the process for potential sponsors and collaborators by presenting essential data, audience demographics and show statistics.  A professional media kit showcases the podcast’s reach and influence, increasing its appeal in the eyes of advertisers and industry influencers.

Blubrry Podcasting provides each paid podcast hosting customer and/or paid standard stats customer the ability to combine data from their podcast statistics and audience surveys to produce a free podcast media kit, updated daily.

Who to Share Your Podcast Media Kit With

  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • Media writers
  • Partnership deals
  • Future guests
  • Event and speaker coordinators

Grow Your Show

A podcast media kit is a terrific way to show off your podcast growth and the makeup of your audience in a one-sheet format that anyone can digest. It also shares your social media links and numbers, and how to contact you. Take a look at the Podcast Insider media kit here.

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