Blubrry Podcast Download Statistics

Pie chart on podcast statisticsBlubrry offers products that add exceptional value to your podcasting experience. One such product, the Standard Stats plan, is available at a highly accessible price of only $5 a month or $50 a year. It’s a treasure trove of insights and tools to supercharge your podcast’s performance.

The Standard Stats plan provides you with comprehensive insights, including:

  • Total number of downloads and listens
  • Detailed geolocation data and apps and devices use
  • An invaluable audience survey tool
  • Visually appealing audience survey results
  • The ability to make episode comparisons
  • Trending charts
  • Geolocation, apps and devices analytics
  • A professional podcast media kit

Our stats provide the most detailed and accurate podcast statistics in the podcasting space. We focus on pulling stats from all types of applications and platforms, ensuring we provide well-rounded information to help you have control over your podcast. Find out more about what each statistics plan offers here.

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