Apple Podcasts Support

We all need help from time to time, and if your podcast on Apple Podcasts isn’t showing up or is running into any other issues, here’s what you need to do. Support from Apple Podcasts can be crucial for a podcast as it can significantly boost discoverability among listeners on one of the largest and most popular platforms for podcast consumption, potentially increasing audience reach and subscription numbers. For help with Apple Podcasts, email the address below:

When moving a feed, it is recommended to notify Apple Podcasts as to not lose any subscribers. Do this by doing a 301 redirect AND set the new feed URL on the NEW feed.

Always be sure to check out our Podcast Manual and various pages of information and tips when searching for podcast answers. Our Podcast Manual has tons of valuable information for even the seasoned podcast producer.

Blubrry gives extensive notes when dealing with a new feed from Apple. Take a look here.