New Podcast Checklist

Blank checklistThe new podcast checklist, based on the Podcasting Manual’s Getting Started Guide, will help you get your show underway. You can use this list to help you launch your podcast, feel free to print it out and use it for brainstorming.


___ Decide on your content, genre, show format and goals
___ Come up with logos, branding and website theme

Content Production

___ Decide on a media format (audio, video, electronic book)
___ Pick the tools and software necessary to create the media format selected
___ Create a first episode, or introduction episode


___ Set up a website for your podcast
___ Set up a hosting service for your podcast media (e.g. Blubrry Media Hosting)
___ Set up syndication for your podcast (e.g. PowerPress plugin for WordPress)
___ Publish your first episode


___ Set up web statistics (Google Analytics)
___ Set up media download statistics (Blubrry Statistics)
___ Set up an audience survey ( Audience Survey)


___ Add your podcast to as many podcast directories as possible (e.g. Apple, Spotify, Blubrry Podcast Directory)
___ Come up with a social media strategy (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
___ Attend conferences and trade shows that complement your content and genre
___ Setup a mailing list / newsletter
___ Consider using traditional marketing techniques (e.g. Google Adwords)