Music for your podcast – Podsafe music

If you’ve done any research on using music in your podcast, you may have come across the term “podsafe.” Simply put, podsafe music is music that is safe to use on a podcast. It’s important to ensure that any music, whether it’s full songs or just background tracks, is safe to use on your podcast.

podsafe-music-audio-for-your-podcastMusic in podcasts and copyright

Copyright violations are an area of concern for all podcasters. You cannot use the creative work of another person without their permission. Music that you often hear on commercial radio/TV is almost always off limits for the average podcaster.

Myths about copyright and podcasting

There is no 10-second rule on copyrighted music. You cannot simply use small portions of copyrighted music under fair use laws.

Not-for-profit or hobby-based podcasts are not exempt from copyright laws. There is no non-profit exception to copyright laws.

Giving attribution to the creator does not give you the right to redistribute their work. Attribution is common courtesy, which you should do AFTER you have the legal right to use copyrighted material.

To learn more about Copyright and other legal issues facing podcasters check out the Legal Issues section and 3 Copyright Myths That Will Sink Your Podcast.

Sources for Podsafe music

While you may not be able to use your favorite hit songs on your show, there are alternative sources for music that is podsafe:

  • – Extensive Library of podsafe music that can be licensed; official site endorsed by Blubrry
  • Free Music Archive – Extensive library of free high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by
  • Instant Music Now – Library of legal use theme music.
  • NEO Sounds – Royalty free music library.
  • Make your own music. Audio-production programs like Apple GarageBand, along with a proliferation of other apps make it easy to create your own beats, loops, and full songs. These compositions are yours, and you can do whatever you want with them with no fear of violating any copyright restrictions.