Creating Podcast Media

The prospect of being the talent in front of the camera or microphone can be exciting as you are creating podcast media. But as we have covered in earlier topics, you need to make decisions about your goals, content topics, logos, branding and the theme of your website.

With that in mind, you have to make a decision on what media format will best fit your content. Audio is the easiest and, if you so choose, you can add a video element at any time. But if you are, say, demonstrating car repair techniques, the topic would nearly impossible to do with audio.

Other factors are whether you can do your show on your own, are you going to need a copilot or, even more challenging, a full panel of hosts. The hardware requirements will largely be driven by those factors.

Cost can be a factor in getting started. We recommend getting started with the most basic equipment possible. In the beginning, podcasting is about creating content and getting familiar with the process. If you have large debts for equipment hanging over your head you will be stressing about the wrong things.

Oftentimes you might need some consultation in gear picks. Our team of consultants stand ready to help you pick the right gear the first time.

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