Podcast Feed Validation

Validating your podcast feed is crucial to ensure your audience maintains uninterrupted access to your content across different podcast platforms, avoiding any potential technical issues that could lead to episodes not being delivered or displayed properly. By regularly validating your feed, you can proactively address any errors or inconsistencies, guaranteeing a seamless listening experience for your subscribers and enhancing the overall professionalism of your podcast.

Podcast feed validation needs to be accomplished on a periodic basis. Without a properly working RSS feed, you may find your podcast not being picked up by the various syndication points.

Validating your RSS feed allows you to see any issues that could keep your show from being accepted and displayed in podcast directories and apps.

We recommend validating your feed at Cast Feed Validator. This validator is owned and maintained by the team here at Blubrry, so it’s updated regularly and gives in-depth results.

If you find errors when validating your feed, Blubrry customers can get in touch with our Support team.