Podcast Promotion and Distribution

Learn How to Grow Your Show

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Podcast submission, promotion and distribution are the keys to podcast growth. Use the following list of podcast directories and tips to promote your show and grow your audience.

Once you have published your first episode, we have no doubt that you will want to tell people about it. After all, podcasting is about making connections with people. Here are some tips for show promotion and audience growth.

Showing You Where And How To Submit Your Podcast

Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts is the largest directory for podcasts and has an audience of 60 million people who search out digital content. Being listed there will increase the chances of someone finding your show.

Submit your podcast to Google Podcasts. Launched in the summer of 2018, Google Podcasts is a podcast directory maintained by Google search for Android and Google smart speaker devices.

Submit your podcast to Spotify. Submit your podcast to Spotify, a music, podcast and video streaming service with over 140 million users. Use the exclusive Blubrry form to expedite your submission.

Submit your podcast to the Blubrry podcasting directory. Blubrry is the only podcast directory that displays all subscription options available. Blubrry is not a closed ecosystem and does not try to convert web visitors into Blubrry-only users. Blubrry is for podcasters and is managed and operated by podcasters. Blubrry includes a link to your website, RSS podcast feed, Apple Podcasts subscribe URL (if available), Subscribe on Android and Subscribe by Email options.

Submit your podcast to TuneIn. TuneIn is a popular streaming application and website where radio stations and podcasts from around the world are listed. TuneIn also gives you access to listeners on Amazon Echo / Alexa enabled apps for your podcast.

Submit your podcast to iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio is a popular and free broadcast and internet radio platform that now includes podcasts.

Submit your Podcast to Podchaser. Podchaser is a popular site that correlates guest appearances on shows and provides host profiles that are all independently verified.

Other Ways To Share & Distribute Your Podcast

Provide Subscription Tools on Your Podcast Website

Convert new visitors to your website to podcast subscribers by creating a “subscribe to podcast” page with detailed instructions on how to subscribe on various applications and directories. This can easily be set up with only a few clicks if you are using the Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin.

Tell Family and Friends About Your Podcast

These are the people most likely to share your interests or at least have an interest in what you’re doing. So let them know and encourage them to spread the word.

Get Others Talking About Your Podcast

Positive reviews of your podcast go a long way. We recommend you routinely ask your audience to leave a review on your listing on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. In addition, when someone blogs about your podcast, the web traffic to your site also gets a positive uptick. It’s a win-win!

Use Social Media to Promote Your Show

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and other platforms are great places to get the word out about your show. Many of them also have communities for podcast producers and can contain a wealth of information. Some tips:

  • Start a Twitter account or create a Facebook page or group, etc., with the name of your podcast.
  • Invite your friends to follow and share your posts.
  • Post interesting tidbits about each show when you publish — at least once a week.
  • Post other helpful insights about the theme or genre of your show.
  • Like, follow, share and make comments on other pages in your genre.

Join a Community of Podcasters

Many podcast producers are fans of the medium and could be possible audience members. They can also help you spread the word. We’re very proud that our Blubrry podcast community is the kind of place where you can make connections.

Go to Places on the Web Where Your Topics are Important

Let’s say you create a travel podcast. Head to a popular travel forum and join the conversation. Don’t just show up and announce your show and not participate in the forum. Be helpful. Consider putting your show’s information in your signature line and make mention of special episodes when they apply to the discussion. You can also leave comments on similar blog posts mentioning an episode that you created that matches the topic on the page. The key is to remember to not be too promotional (spamming). As long as it feels like it truly fits in the conversation, don’t be afraid to mention it.

Connect & Collaborate with Other Podcasts

Unlike TV or radio shows that are on at a certain time, podcasts can be consumed on-demand (which is our strong point). This means that other podcasters in your niche are a great resource to help promote your podcast. Most listeners/viewers do not just consume one podcast in their area of interest, they listen to several. Why not yours? Make a short promo for your show and send it to other podcasters to promote. Podcast producers in general like promoting other reputable shows. Be sure to offer to promote other podcasters’ shows.

Also, being a guest on someone’s show and having guests on your show who also produce a podcast are good ways to get your name out there. If you have a popular podcaster in your niche on your show, they will promote the fact they are on your show on their show. This will bring you in front of their audience.

Use & Upload to YouTube (and other video sharing sites)

Having a YouTube channel for your show can be a great way for people to find you in your niche. It doesn’t have to be a video podcast, but produce some videos from time to time talking about your subject. Make sure you have a link to your podcast website in the first line of the description. YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Generate Business Cards

This might seem old-fashioned, but it can work wonders. Whenever you go out, have a few business cards handy with a link to your podcast website and a little about your show.  When you are talking to someone about podcasting and your podcast, give them a card. This way they will remember how to find your show. Podcast listening is still not as easy as radio or TV. Giving someone all the info in person will help them find your podcast, and might just convert them into a regular podcast consumer. This helps grow podcasting one person at a time.

Engage in Conferences, Events and Meetups

Going to conferences, meetups, seminars and industry events in your niche can be a powerful way to spread the word about your show. (Don’t forget the business cards!) If you produce a show about cars, what better place to promote than a car show? Maybe print up flyers if they have a community information pegboard or table. Talk to people and tell your story. Some of the best networking and promotion happens between sessions or after hours at such events.

If you’re interested in getting some merchandise for your podcast, take a look at this information.

Tap Your Audience for Referrals

Use your existing audience to expand your reach. Ask faithful audience listeners to contact you for handouts/business cards, etc. to hand out to their circles. Create swag (promotional merchandise to give away) with your branding on it for your audience to distribute. Remember, your dedicated audience will gratefully promote your show if asked nicely.

Earn Devoted Podcast Listeners

We all want devoted, life-long listeners. To earn this, do something such as starting a contest to give away things related to your show. Mention your giveaways and other incentives near the end of your episodes to reward audience members that listen all the way through. Schedule a meetup; get local audience members involved — empowered fans build stronger loyalty. Fans and listeners love to be featured on the show, and it’s easy to give them a shout-out. Another great way to ensure your fans are engaged and make money is to take advantage of our Value4Value, which allows listeners to donate Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) through modern podcasting apps found at NewPodcastApps.com. It’s an easy way to let your audience know they’re contributing to your show’s success.

Web & Podcast SEO

SEO is critical for your podcast discovery both on the web and Apple Podcasts. Web SEO goes beyond podcasting topics and we encourage our users to refer to their favorite research and resources on web SEO. PowerPress users that are interested in podcast SEO should consider enabling the Podcasting SEO options in PowerPress.

One Word of Warning About Promotion: DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE!

Overdoing any of the above will annoy people. A mention once in a while is good, hammering it several times a day will lose followers and friends.