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Blubrry has worked with podcasters and to improve their podcast advertising for over 19 years, managing podcast ad campaigns from start to finish.

Podcast Advertising for Advertisers

We represent more than 60,000 content creators, reaching delivering 300 million listener impressions/downloads each month.

Blubrry coordinates advertising campaigns that provide reliable results for podcasters and ad buyers.

The typical minimum ad spend with Blubrry is $5,000 per month unless we cannot find enough shows to execute for your specific buy.

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Podcast Advertising for Podcasters

We’ve worked with thousands of shows and multiple businesses for campaigns, and we look forward to working with you.

There has never been a better time to be involved! Read more to find out about our capabilities.

Not only do we have traditional podcast host read advertising available all shows can start with Programmatic Advertising today.

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Maximize Your Impact Without Maximizing Your Budget

We support all ad formats flat rate, critical path method (CPM), narrow topic focus, the works. However, one advertising approach often overlooked by agencies is the wide-reach strategy. Instead of solely focusing on big shows with large audiences, consider the benefits of diversifying your ad placements across numerous smaller shows. This approach can yield impressive results at the same spend while also providing a non-duplicative audience and increased brand exposure. Become familiar with advertising options through Blubrry such as Dynamic Ad Insertion for Podcasts and programmatic advertising.

Wide-Reach Strategy Consideration

Go Wide – Unlock the Benefits:

  • Access to thousands of shows with 5,000 or fewer listeners per episode.
  • Ad inventory is limited only by your budget.
  • Smaller shows often have equal or higher engagement levels.
  • Greater diversity in listener demographics and host backgrounds.

Campaign Execution:

  • Utilize a single promo code across all shows or brand strategies.
  • Employ a unified landing page for cohesive branding.
  • Blubrry audits all ad spots for quality assurance.
  • Detailed reporting is available on an episode level.

Proven Success:

  • Citrix GoToMeeting employed this ad model for 24 consecutive quarters, yielding outstanding performance.
  • The most significant campaign to date involved over 500 shows with less than 5k per episode.

Available Opportunities:

  • Access to thousands of independent shows.
  • Tens of millions of listener impressions monthly.

Embrace the wide-reach advertising strategy and expand your audience without limiting your options. Experience the power of a diverse advertising approach with Blubrry Podcasting!


Learn more about Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising is thriving, evolving into a powerful tool for marketers worldwide. This medium has demonstrated astounding efficiency, innovatively weaving the brand narrative into a diverse range of podcasts, resulting in exceptional engagement and conversion. Substantially different from the traditional forms of advertisements, podcast advertising focuses on a more personal, direct and conversational method to share messages, carving a more intimate connection with potential customers.

Ads are a win-winA deep dive into the effectiveness of podcast advertising reveals fascinating insights. Based on numerous research and surveys, this promotional technique outperforms other digital advertising formats in terms of influencing purchase decisions. The audience of podcasts is an attractive demographic – educated, affluent and engaged; traits coveted by brands. Podcast listeners tend to develop a trusting relationship with the host, which in turn, bolsters the credibility of the advertisements featured. This organic integration ensures less intrusive and more persuasive advertisements, thus increasing their success rate considerably.

In the ever-evolving advertising landscape, uncovering the latest podcast advertising trends is crucial for marketers seeking to seize the opportunities this medium offers. Sponsoring popular shows, utilizing programmatic ad platforms, adopting dynamic ad insertion, typography, and utilizing niche marketing strategies are some of the trends presently steering the podcast advertising space. Remarkably, industry experts estimate that the revenue generated from podcasting will significantly surge in the coming years, proving its potential and credibility.

As the popularity and accessibility of podcasts continue to grow, the digital advertising industry has rightly pivoted toward programmatic podcast advertising. A technical advance in the podcasting world, programmatic advertising employs automated technology to buy and sell ad inventory. This marks a significant shift from traditional ad buying, offering better targeting, improved efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. As this trend gains momentum, brands that leverage programmatic podcast advertising stand to reap immense benefits.

Podcast advertising presents an inventive, credible and lucrative advertising route for businesses. Not only does it offer a fresh way to connect with potential clientele, but it also caters to a tangible, responsive audience. With its effectiveness and the latest trends pointing toward a promising future in the marketing landscape, it is worth considering podcast advertising as a central piece in your business’s advertising strategy.

In the digital landscape of today, podcast advertising platforms open up a new avenue for marketers and business owners to expand their reach. They offer the potential for companies to engage with audiences on a personal, immersive level, making it an intriguing medium all businesses should consider exploring.

Cost and Rates in Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising has emerged as a powerful contender in digital marketing. It’s a captivating medium that provides a substantial and intimate platform for brands vying for audience attention. Among the key considerations in podcast advertising that marketers and business owners must consider are the cost and rates in podcast advertising.

Unpacking the cost of podcast advertising, it’s crucial to note that numerous factors contribute to the overall pricing. The size and engagement level of the podcast’s audience, the popularity and genre of the podcast, the frequency of ads, and even the time of year all play essential roles in determining the costs. Notably, businesses venturing into podcast advertising must also consider the cost per mille (CPM), which measures the cost per thousand listeners. This metric is commonly used when determining podcast advertising pricing, unveiling a clearer picture of the ad cost versus the potential reach.

As you explore podcast advertising rates, two primary types of podcast ads come to the forefront. Commanding the highest rates are “baked-in” ads – live reads by the host that become a permanent part of the episode, generating long-term visibility. In contrast, dynamically inserted ads, which are pre-produced spots inserted into a podcast at the time of download, offer a lower cost but a limited lifespan.

Each type of podcast advertising offers a unique blend of benefits and drawbacks. Baked-in ads, for instance, leverage the host’s connection with the listeners, offering an authentic, personal touch. With dynamically inserted ads, advertisers can target specific listener demographics but lose the intimacy of the host-read advertisement.

The cost and rates in podcast advertising are shaped by variables including audience reach, ad frequency, ad type, and many others. Embracing podcast advertising opens doors to an engaged and loyal audience, offering a truly distinctive avenue for brands to share their message.

Examples Of Successful Podcast Advertisements

Podcast advertising offers an array of innovative and creative examples that can inspire, motivate and guide marketers and business owners. As the realm of podcast advertising undergoes its evolution, it is key to keep an eye on the best podcast advertising campaigns, culling insights and lessons from these success stories. 

One such instance worth discussing is Squarespace’s podcast advertisement campaign. Squarespace leveraged the unique nature of the podcast platform to give its message a personalized touch. They offered discount codes integrated into the show’s narrative, creating a seamless experience for listeners while portraying the brand authentically. The success of their campaign offers a lesson on the significance of understanding the podcast platform’s unique nature and harnessing it for authentic messaging.

Another example worth highlighting is ZipRecruiter’s podcast advertising campaign. They sponsored countless podcasts, amassing a substantial audience reach. However, what set their campaign apart was their strategic focus on targeting podcasts, where their message would naturally resonate with listeners — such as business, entrepreneur, and start-up podcasts. This reaffirms the importance of audience segmentation and personalized marketing within podcast advertising.

As a marketer or business owner, the use of a podcast advertising calculator can be beneficial to devising optimal strategies. This tool can project engagement levels, reach, and performance metrics, leading to data-driven and high-impact campaigns. This acknowledgment of analytical rigor in a field as creative as podcast advertising forms yet another indispensable aspect of successful campaigns. 

Podcast advertising, when executed correctly with the right blend of creativity, personalization, and data insights, can yield impressive results. It is fast-evolving into an influential medium for product promotion and brand awareness. The success stories reaffirm the importance of adapting, evolving and contextualizing campaign strategies to the nuances of the medium, setting a prospering trajectory for podcast advertising.

Podcast Advertising Networks

Navigating podcast advertising networks can benefit marketers and business owners considering this promising avenue for product promotion and services. Diverse in coverage, these networks provide vast and varied territories for advertisements to bloom, offering exceptional opportunities to cast a wider net and capture the attention of dynamic, engaged listener communities.

A podcast advertising network is a service that connects podcast producers with prospective advertisers. It operates akin to a digital media agency focusing on the niche of podcasting. By joining such a network, podcasts gain easier access to potential advertisers, while organizations seeking to advertise their products or services can find fitting hosts for their ads. The exchange becomes a streamlined process, often reaping satisfying results for both parties involved.

Understanding podcast advertising companies’ roles and responsibilities can be instrumental in harnessing their offerings effectively. A podcast advertising company such as Blubrry manages the whole cycle of podcast advertising from the initial ad creatives to final metrics feedback. As the liaison between podcasters and advertisers, they facilitate matching the right product or service with the appropriate podcast, considering factors like podcast genre, listener demographics, and advertiser-specific parameters.

Podcast advertising networks are robust platforms, fostering symbiotic relationships between advertisers and podcasters. By integrating expertise, resources, and comprehensive analysis, they offer an essential service that benefits both advertisers seeking potent marketing channels and podcasts seeking financial support. By leveraging these networks, businesses can effectively drive brand awareness, catalyze engagement, and ultimately fuel their growth. On the other hand, podcasts gain not only financial backing but also wider discoverability and outreach potential, ensuring a thriving, resonant presence in their listeners’ minds.