Podcast Advertising with Blubrry Podcasting


Podcast Advertising for Advertisers

We represent more than 60,000 content creators, reaching delivering 300 million listener impressions/downloads each month.

Blubrry coordinates advertising campaigns that provide reliable results for podcasters and ad buyers.

The typical minimum Ad spend with Blubrry is $5000 per month unless we cannot find enough shows to execute for your specific buy.

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Podcast Advertising for Podcasters

We’ve worked with thousands of shows and multiple businesses for campaigns, and we look forward to working with you.

There has never been a better time to be involved! Read more to find out about our capabilities.

Not only do we have traditional podcast host read advertising available all shows can start with Programmatic advertising today.

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Maximize Your Impact without Maximizing Your Budget

We support all ad formats Flat Rate, CPM narrow topic focus the works, but one advertising approach often overlooked by agencies is the wide-reach strategy. Instead of solely focusing on big shows with large audiences, consider the benefits of diversifying your ad placements across numerous smaller shows. This approach can yield impressive results at the same spend while also providing a non-duplicative audience and increased brand exposure.

The Comprehensive Wide-Reach Strategy Consideration:

Go Wide – Unlock the Benefits:

  1. Access to thousands of shows with 5,000 or fewer listeners per episode.
  2. Ad inventory is limited only by your budget.
  3. Smaller shows often have equal or higher engagement levels.
  4. Greater diversity in listener demographics and host backgrounds.

Campaign Execution:

  • Utilize a single promo code across all shows or brand strategies.
  • Employ a unified landing page for cohesive branding.
  • Blubrry audits all ad spots for quality assurance.
  • Detailed reporting is available on an episode level.

Proven Success:

  • Citrix GoToMeeting employed this ad model for 24 consecutive quarters, yielding outstanding performance.
  • The most significant campaign to date involved over 500 shows with less than 5k per episode.

Available Opportunities:

  • Access to thousands of independent shows.
  • Tens of millions of listener impressions monthly.

Embrace the wide-reach advertising strategy and expand your audience without limiting your options. Experience the power of a diverse advertising approach with Blubrry Podcasting!