Podcast Advertising for Ad Buyers

Advertising in podcastsGo after the active listeners.

What Are You Looking For?

Tell us the type of listener you’re interested in and we’ll find the perfect shows for your vision. Ad buyers should consider the relevance and engagement level of the podcast’s audience, as a highly engaged and relevant audience can significantly enhance the effectiveness and return on investment of their ad campaigns.

Your Story

Each campaign revolves around your story. Ask us how we execute a multi-faceted campaign from start to finish. At the heart of every successful podcast ad campaign lies a compelling story that resonates with its target audience. Ads on your chosen podcast will weave an interesting narrative that paints a vivid picture of how your product can enhance the lives of the listeners. This is what makes podcast advertising so effective, and this is what we excel in providing. Choose from options such as Dynamic Advertising for Podcasting and programmatic advertising.


Of course, you’re looking for results. We send reports to you every week, or on your request schedule. Advertisers can use podcasting to spread their message more quickly, efficiently, and economically than ever before. Blubrry has a podcasting community and followers consisting of tens of thousands of affluent, loyal, and trusting listeners that you can reach with your story.

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Media Growth

Podcasting is one of the few media outlets that is growing at a healthy pace. With more than 60,000 shows, we are on the leading edge of this growth. Your message will reach media consumers regardless of whether or not they visit the Blubrry website. People find podcasts in several ways, and your message will reach every active consumer of the show.

Advertising Benefits

  • Wide vs. Narrow – By advertising to only large, well-known podcasts, advertisers are holding themselves back. Running campaigns on two or three popular shows is a strong strategy. While also advertising to many small shows at the same time, you can stretch the width and volume of your campaign.
  • Efficiency We use our campaign tools to find the shows that address the needs of your target audiences, having all the data needed to locate outlets that will reach your specific demographic.
  • Audiences – By now, we all know that podcast listeners are educated, affluent adults that are also tech savvy. Rest assured that you are going to be able to reach this audience because they aren’t going to be there for traditional forms of ads such as print, radio, and television. Digital media provides persistent exposure, available for weeks (or even months) after their initial release.

The Bottom Line

RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company, has a proven track record of providing valuable advertising services since 2005, and we’re here to help your organization succeed. That means we’ll work with you to ensure a campaign meets your needs and budget. Whether you’re a start-up looking to gain more visibility, a small local company looking to extend your reach or an established worldwide brand, we have something for you.

We do all of the heavy lifting and work in concert with you to meet your advertising goals. A consultation is free, and we’re always happy to tell you more about what the world of media content is all about.

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