Advertising with Blubrry

Advertising with Blubrry has never been easier. Because you’re able to find your niche audience to successfully target prospective customers, podcasting offers an outstanding return on investment. Our ad-buyer services go above and beyond for your benefit. We make it easy for you to understand the results of your campaign. Take a look to find out what we can offer you specifically.

Who’s Listening?

For us to accurately find out what shows your advertisement should be used on we ask only our qualified podcasters to have their audiences fill out a survey. This survey tells us information such as their age, income level and show interests.

What Do Our Stats Measure?

Our RawVoice certified statistics measure:

  • Each download — Every media URL download. Track URL downloads instead of webpage traffic for realistic stats
  • Geographic information — Country, State
  • Clients — Apple Podcasts, Zune Marketing Place, Firefox, etc.
  • Platforms –Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Distribution — Podcatchers, phones, TV devices, Web browsers
  • Traffic — Website origin from Web browsers
  • Trends — Daily and monthly
  • Consistent: Our stats are the same across the board, each show is measured in the exact same way

Why Go Narrow and Wide

Running campaigns on popular shows is appealing because of the potential to reach a large audience, but it can hold campaigns back. Campaigns that are used on one or two popular shows as well as many smaller shows gives the ability for a campaign to stretch the wide and volume of it’s capabilities. Smaller shows have a more intimate podcaster / audience relationship and have the same or even high engagement with the audience.

Where’s It Going?

We focus on mid-roll advertising. Currently we do not have do post roll advertising. Pre roll to is to mention the sponsor and include a call to action; they’re typically less than 100 characters long. Fortunately, we do not have a length requirement, We generally do not state as ads can vary; simply tell a story that gets the point across.

  • Audio and Video — advertisements are not limited to either medium
  • Banners free of charge, when available above the fold
  • Text mention in show notes with trackable link to vendor landing page
  • Text mention in emails newsletters with trackable link for vendors
  • Include you in a social media mention, dependent on how often content creator does a show

How Do I Find Out the Results?

Our Campaign Management System enables us to control all of the necessary information we need on our end, including information that we send to you in our reports. We are able to pull the results of how well the campaign is going in minutes, at any time.


We’ve got experience with some well-known advertisers out there, including GoDaddy, Harry’s, GotoMeeting, Audible, and Casper. We have worked with many other companies, all of different sizes and purposes.

Blubrry offers the best in podcast advertising. We provide the services available because we understand the importance of reliability and confidence in a company that you hand a campaign over to. We are experts in the podcasting space and are here to partner with you so we can mutually reap the rewards of this growing media space.

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