Pro Hosting via Amazon Web Services

Integrate podcast tools into your AWS platform

Pro Hosting is available directly to Amazon Web Services users, featuring…

  • Hosting
  • Statistics
  • Dynamic advertising insertion
  • Network capabilities
  • API show management

Managing your podcast (or network of shows) is simple using our API to host, upload and publish episodes. You can’t forget podcast statistics, which you can add to your own software.

Pro Hosting through the Amazon Marketplace is easy to use and, more importantly, it includes all the benefits in our overall Pro Hosting plan, find details here.

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Blubrry's podcast hosting API...

Blubrry offers a robust REST API that uses OAuth 2 authentication for ease of implementation. Integrate a variety of podcast functionality directly into your ecosystem.

  • Create and manage shows
  • Upload and publish new episodes
  • Get podcast analytics
  • Refresh podcast feeds

Learn more on our Developer info page.

Pro Hosting starting at

$100 /Mo

A dedicated plan for those who have multiple shows, require additional storage (including video), or are building a network. All the tools  you need to monetize and showcase your shows while monitoring audience growth.

Dedicated Pricing

Pricing is based on per-unit, typically per hour in AWS using metering records. Bandwidth is less expensive than using your own CDN.

1 GB of bandwidth usage over 1TB in month$0.05/unit
Additional podcast show (separate series of episodes)$0.014/unit
Advanced statistics for one show$0.007/unit
Deluxe WordPress website for one show$0.014/unit
Ad-Insertion monthly service fee for pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll$0.068/unit
Charge each advertisement in episode build in month$0.1/unit
Charge per 10 shows in network outside of account$0.068/unit
Additional private internal podcast show (separate series of episodes)$0.21/unit
Additional 200 private internal podcast users$0.28/unit

Seamless Payments

Perfect for companies and organizations that want to bypass setting up a new vendor or separate bill and prefer or require accounts payable.

  1. Review plan information on AWS Marketplace
  2. Subscribe to Blubrry Pro Hosting
  3. Create a Blubrry account
  4. That’s it! Your Blubrry services are now included in your AWS bill.

Blubrry Uses AWS

Not only does Blubrry offer pro hosting via Amazon’s Marketplace, our entire platform (including services) relies on Amazon Web Services. Feel at ease knowing that your API use will integrate into Blubrry perfectly.


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Professional Hosting is available on Amazon Web Services

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