Record your podcast with Riverside.fm

Record quality audio from your own device. Co-hosts and guests integrated seamlessly.

Annual: 30% off. Monthly: First three months free. Use code Blu30.

Video and audio are recorded locally on each guest’s device, and automatically uploaded.


Progressive uploading: Audio and video files are uploaded while being recorded.


Stay tuned for a future integration with Blubrry. You’ll be able to upload episodes recorded in Riverside.fm directly to Blubrry.

Riverside.fm Overview

Platform Walkthrough

Magic Editor: Create an HD split-screen recording (without editing)

Media Board: Upload, preview, play & record audio AND video clips directly from your studio

Product Features and Descriptions

Riverside works as a web-based double-ender:

  • Invite your guests to record from anywhere via the iPhone app!
  • Each participant’s local recordings are automatically uploaded to the Riverside.fm dashboard.
  • Receive separate audio (uncompressed, 48kHz WAV)  and separate video (up to 4K resolution) tracks for all participants.
  • The quality does not depend on the internet connection and the guests don’t need to send their files.
  • Automatic Backup System: Computer crashed or you reloaded while recording
  • Progressive Uploading: We upload your audio and video while you are recording, so when you hit stop you can download the recording within seconds.
  • All recordings are saved automatically.
  • Optimized guest experience: Works within the browser, easily bring guests on with a one-click URL. No software downloading or installation.


  • Producer Mode and Controls: Bring your production team in and let them control the show without being recorded.
  • Enterprise features: Custom branding, SSO (Okta, Azure + more), Multiple Accounts.
  • Live Streaming: Broadcast your show live on the Riverside platform or stream to external platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Additional features: Waiting room, screen sharing, video call-in feature
  • Magic Editor: Compose your video in 4 easy steps: Add your media, set your audio and video settings, customize your video, and export. It’s that easy!
  • Media Board: Upload, preview, play, and record audio AND video clips directly from the online studio. No need anymore to add them manually in post-production.
  • Convert your podcasts and videos into text in seconds with automatic transcriptions!
  • Automatically highlight active speakers in full screen with AI Speaker View!