Promote Your Podcast with Headliner

Quick and easy videos you can share on social media.

Social Promotion with Headliner

It’s easy to turn your audio into videos with Headliner. Published podcast episodes are used to create short or feature-length videos for a promotion that you can use on social media.

The amazing thing about Headliner is that there is no learning curve. You publish your podcast, which you’re already good at, and then make a few simple decisions on what you’d like a short or full-length video to look like to promote the said episode.

Most likely you’re already familiar with filters, captions, tagging, etc from other social media platforms. And this isn’t much different, but without the need to edit or alter the actual audio and deal with file formats.

How It Works

An audiogram is created with one image and waveform or you can create a full length customized video with text, effects, and multiple images. You can choose from Full Episode, Video Transcript, or Straight to Editor.

Blubrry hosting customers can easily navigate to their published episodes for access to Headliner within the Podcaster Dashboard. They have a variety of free and paid plans, and all payments and billing for their service maintain with Headliner. If you’re not using Headliner already, sign up here.

Once An Episode Is Published… Visit Blubrry Dashboard

•  Your podcast episodes integrate with Headliner so you can start creating easily
•  Integrate images, we highly suggest your podcast artwork or episode-specific artwork
•  Pick specific wavebars, transcription integration, progress bars, etc.
•  Download the file or push it directly to designated social media platforms

More than 100,000 podcasters have used Headliner to promote their podcast; it’s a no brainer to get started. We know many podcasts come from non-profits; get access to Headliner Pro for free! Learn more on their site.

Head here to create an account with Headliner. Their team is available for any questions you might have on plans or issues you run into. Contact them here.