Podcast Network

Podcast Network Tool in PowerPress

Create your own podcast network in a few easy steps. Podcasters can start or migrate a network into a single site, managed in one place.


Podcast Networks are exploding in popularity and we’ve created this plugin so anyone can easily launch and build a network with a point of presence on an existing or dedicated website. The Network Plugin is simple to manage and fully configurable to display your network in the way you envision. We even create the podcaster show pages for you as you add shows to your network to make it incredibly easy to build and maintain a podcast network.

Add Any Show

No restrictions on podcasts, any show can be added to the network. You approve each and every show that applies to be part of your network or add shows with the content creator’s approval. You can reach out to podcasters on your own, or they can apply on your site for growth opportunities.

Central Location

Create a central hub for your network, a place for audiences to enjoy collective, creative content. Make your site stand out from the rest with our robust plugin and your endless imagination. This plugin can be added to a Standard or Advanced Blubrry WordPress Website as well.

Available Free for Pro Hosting Plan

All professional hosting plans can get started on a network! Just ask the team for access to the plugin. Not a pro podcaster yet? We can easily transfer your account or migrate you to Blubrry. Learn more about our professional plan here.


Outside Podcasts

We know not all relevant podcasts in a network share the same podcast host. You can add shows included in the Blubrry directory or hosted elsewhere for a flat rate of $50 per month for up to 500 shows.

Power of WordPress

Simple, but full of capabilities. That’s how we like to think of your network, and you can too. Utilize the network plugin with our PowerPress Plugin and you’ll be on your way to success. Showcase shows that you work alongside and have a relationship with.

Easily Add and Remove

All the benefits of multiple podcasts, but from your own website. Need to approve a new show for the network? Go ahead and set it up in WordPress, no need to log into Blubrry. Want to remove a show? Not a problem, once it’s gone on the site, it’s removed from your account overall.

It’s Free!

Yes, we’re including this as a feature of our professional plan. This feature is free for all Blubrry professional hosting podcasters. Advantageous to hobbyists on our pro plan, as well as larger organizations and professional podcasters.

  • ✓ Add & remove shows from the network
  • ✓ Unlimited category lists
  • ✓ Generated shortcodes
  • ✓ Automatic podcast page creation
  • ✓ Works with numerous themes and plugins

View an Example
podcast network example

A beautiful display of a full network, with a variety of podcast topics. Simplistic, and easy to navigate. Take a look here. A key takeaway is that you can use any template you desire and configure the site as you wish as we power the network pages with shortcodes. You’re free to design your site to look and feel as you desire.

To see the full power of the Podcast Network plugin, we encourage you to arrange a demo.


Get started with your podcast network site now and learn more.