Network Plugin Documentation

Use of the Network Plugin requires using the PowerPress plugin. The Network Plugin is mainly based on how you use shortcodes on your website. We’ve included shortcodes that you can insert into your pages to easily create a whole network. If you’re not sure what shortcodes are or familiar, read below for a quick lesson.

Getting Started

How to Use Shortcode and Create Your Own Site Network

Shortcode Syntax

Shortcodes rely on [brackets], and will generate code for a function on your site. They can be used for a variety of things, such as pricing tables, features, and yes – podcast episodes.

If you plan to include any manually written shortcode, follow the syntax (rules) below.

Ex: [ppn-program id = 12345]
Podcast show, labeled 12345, will create an entire podcast show page.

Ex: {ppn-gridview id = all hover = true rows = 2 cols = 3]
You’ll see a grid of all the shows associated to your account in the rows and columns included.

Ex: ppn-application terms-url = “”]
Podcasters can apply to your network on this page.

Learn the Terminology

There are three main functions that you’ll utilize in your network, explained below.

  • Programs: The podcasts – the show as a whole, not a specific episode. Each program can have its own page on the site, where episodes are listed and you can include info about the show, subscribe links, artwork, etc.
  • Lists: You’ll be organizing shows on your site, and Lists serves as that function. When applying people can choose which List, aka topic, they’d like to be included in.
  • Application: People can apply to be part of your network, directly on your site. You’ll have an entire page dedicated to this and manage any apps in your admin.

Where Your Network Lives On Your Site


The Network Plugin functionality comes all from the Admin page insider of WordPress’s Admin. It has three main pages to handle programs, lists, and applicants in the network.

  • Manage Programs: You can create or edit the pages for programs/podcasts in the network. It initially shows if a program has been linked to a page.
  • Manage Lists: Create, edit or delete lists in the networks. It initially shows if the lists have been linked to a page. Next, it creates a page where you can fully edit the list.
  • Manage Application: Review the applications from podcasters who wish to join your network. You can accept, reject or leave the application pending.

Shortcode Instructions and Documentation