List Shortcode

Lists: You’ll be organizing shows on your site, and Lists serves as that function. When applying people can choose which List, aka topic, they’d like to be included in.

This displays the programs in a defined list, in your network. The programs in each list are displayed in a column and each specific program has a link to its own program page. Programs not linked to a program page will not be displayed in the overall list. The only required attribute is the List ID, which the plugin will generate upon creation of a list page in the admin.

[ppn-list id=<your list id here> style=<your-style-here>]


  • “All” showing the entire network
  • For example, Fashion is labeled as 134 in the List shortcode. You can locate the List ID in the Admin and then Page Editor.

Styles (optional):

  • Simple: a bullet list (default)
  • Detailed: Includes artwork and description of each podcast

(Include image of detailed list)