Skip-to-Position in Player

Skip-to-Position in Player using the shortcode debuted in PowerPress version 7.4. A link with the provided text or time position will appear within the blog post. When clicked, it will go to that position in the player and start playing. The default player included with PowerPress as well as the official Blubrry Audio Players are supported.

Skip-to-Position Requirements

The skip-to-position [skipto] shortcode only works with the default Media Element.js audio player built into WordPress and the official Blubrry Audio Player.

How to Use the Skip-to-Position Shortcode

To use the Blubrry PowerPress [skipto] shortcode, enter the following code within the body of your blog post where you would like the player to be inserted. The attribute time=”SECONDS” is required and must have a value of minutes colon seconds (time=”1:23″) or hour colon minute colon seconds (time=”1:23:45″). Seconds may also be specified without minutes or seconds. For example two minutes (time=”3:00″) can also be entered as 120 seconds (time=”180″).

Note: The short code must be entered in lowercase.

The following example will go to 1 minute and 45 seconds within the player.

[skipto time="1:45"] After my intro

The following example will also go to 1 minute and 45 seconds by specifying the total seconds rather than formatting the value with minutes colon seconds.

[skipto time="105"] After my intro

Both examples above will appear as:

1:45 After my intro

Customizing the Label of the Skip-to Position

Shortcodes are similar to HTML as they allow you to specify a value between a block of the shortcode. The following example will skip-to 3 minutes and 21 seconds with a custom label rather than the time in colon format.

[skipto time="3:21"]Skip to 3:21 in the player [/skipto] Topic 2

The example will appear as:

Skip to 3:21 in the player Topic 2

Skip-to-Position for Podcast Channels and Post-Type Podcasting

The skip-to position shortcode may also be used with Podcast Channels and Post-Type Podcasting. The following example will skip to 25 minutes and 11 seconds for podcast channel with feed slug “extended-podcast.”

[skipto time="25:11" channel="extended-podcast"] Content available to premium subscribers only

The example will appear as:

25:11 Content available to premium subscribers only

Examples of Skip-to-Position in Player

Example using the Blubrry Audio Player available exclusively to Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers.

Example of Skip-to-Timestamp in player with the built-in WordPress Media Element.js player.

Compatibility with Skip-to-Timestamp Plugin

The Skip-to-Position feature in PowerPress is heavily influenced by the Skip-to-Timestamp plugin. So much so we used the same shortcode on purpose — that way both plugins can work together.

PowerPress will pass the skipto shortcode to the Skip-to-Timestamp plugin if no podcast episode is found in the page or the page contains video. Skip-to-Timestamp is an excellent plugin if you are looking for similar functionality for video as it supports WordPress’ MediaElement.js video player and YouTube embeds.

Note: The Skip-to-Timestamp plugin will use the first media player it finds on the page, whereas the PowerPress Skip-to-Position will assign the skipto link to the specific player of the episode.  Keep this in mind when using the Skip-to-Timestamp plugin, as you will want the player you want “skipping to” above all other players on the page.