Services and Statistics

This tab is only needed if you are using our stats service (free or paid) or Blubrry Media Hosting. You must set up stats or hosting at BEFORE filling out this tab.

To access your Blubrry services from your blog website, you’ll need to link your blog to your account.

Add your podcast to and then sign-up for either Free Statistics, Standard Statistics or Podcast Media Hosting to proceed.

Step 1. Go to the PowerPress settings page and select the Services and Statistics tab.

Step 2. Click the link  “Click Here to configure your Blubrry Statistics and Hosting services.”

Step 3. Enter your email address and password. Then click “Save.”

Note: If you are not a paying hosting customer, selecting the “Statistics and Hosting Integration” option will fail.

Step 4. Select your podcast program if not already displayed. Then click “Save.”

Step 5. Your blog with PowerPress is now linked to your services.


Gmail users note: Even though you may have created your account at with your Gmail email address and password, upon completing your first sign-in you were asked to enter a new password. This new password is specifically for Blubrry Services Integration. Because of limitations with the authentication protocol available by Google, we cannot use your Gmail password in our API. If you forgot your password, please go to Forgot Blubrry Password to start the process of resetting it.

Common error messages

Error: Unable to find podcasts for this account

We are unable to locate any podcasts listed on for the account specified. Please make sure you are using the account that you used to add your podcast to the directory.

Error: No programs found configured with Blubrry services for this account

Make sure you have configured the Free Statistics for your podcast listed at or that you have purchased Paid Standard Statistics/Media Hosting.

Error: You must select a program to continue

This is not actually an error, but a second step when you link your account that only appears if you have two or more podcast programs listed on

Error: Authentication failed

Please verify you are entering the correct email address and password.

Media statistics

This is where you put your redirect URL for other statistics services that use a media redirect. This URL will be added to the beginning of any media URL you put in the podcast episode box automatically to track your download statistics.

Be sure to hit “Save Changes” at the bottom of this page if you have made changes.