Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if you have any questions that we haven’t answered for you! We know as podcasting grows and evolves that there will be more FAQs that pop up.

Why is my listing on iTunes only showing XX episodes when I have more than that?

iTunes will show all episodes in your feed up to a certain number. (Normally 50 or so)

Things to do to get more episodes listed in your iTunes listing:

1. Set your WordPress Syndication settings

Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading > “Syndication feeds show the most recent __ items” and set that to 50 or more.

*** Don’t set this too high as your feed will get too big to pull by iTunes and other directories***

2. Ensure your PowerPress feed settings are correct

Go to Powerpress Settings > Feed tab > “Show the most recent __ episodes… ” Leave this blank for 50.

3. Check which feed iTunes is pulling

Make sure, if you are putting up text-only posts, that you have iTunes pulling the podcast-only feed. Each normal blog post counts so if you have 10 blog posts and 41 podcast posts, only 40 podcast posts will show in iTunes. If you are not sure what feed iTunes is pulling, go to click “contact us” at the bottom of the page and ask them to make sure they are pulling your podcast-only feed.