PowerPress Podcast Network Feature

The PowerPress Podcast network feature is available exclusively for Blubrry professional hosting customers, that are using the PowerPress plugin or someone that has a WordPress site that would like to showcase their network of podcasts. If you’re not a professional customer yet, learn more about the plan here and contact us to get started.


Already A Pro Customer

If you’re already a Blubrry Pro customer, great! Contact our team to gain access to the plugin and we’ll assist in starting your network. Once we get some info from you, we will activate the feature for you. Information at this point we need from you:

  • Network title
  • Brief description (sentence or two, doesn’t go on the site)
  • Which shows in your account and which shows in your current account you’d like to include?

PowerPress Podcast Network

This feature already resides in every install of PowerPress it does require activation by the Blubrry team and also requires you to link your account if it is not already linked.

Linking Your Account

In the Podcast Network section of PowerPress, you will see in the shows menu a Link Network icon where you will link to your Blubrry account.

Selecting Your Network

Once signed in, you’ll see the network, that the Blubrry team created for you. If it is not there, contact our support team. Click on the network title, and you’ll be linked up. Some customers may have more than one network be sure to select the correct one. If you make a mistake you can unlink the network from the same menu.


PowerPress Podcast Network Documentation.