Implementing Blubrry Podcast Statistics on Spreaker

 Using Blubrry Statistics with Spreaker is Easy

It’s a fairly simple process to get your Blubrry stats up and running with Spreaker. Just follow the steps below to implement Blubrry podcast statistics – paid or free – on Spreaker’s platform.

Step 1: Sign up for Blubrry Podcast Media Statistics.

Step 2: Get your statistics redirect from Blubrry. This can be found in the “Getting Started” section of the Podcast Statistics box in the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard. It will be:
Where “Your_podcast” is, replace that with the web friendly keyword you picked when listing your show on Blubrry.

Step 3: Go to Spreaker’s Content Management System (

Step 4: Select the show to modify and hit the yellow “Edit” button.

Step 5: From the left menu, select the RSS Customization option.

Step 6: Scroll the page until the “Tracking URL prefix” field and put in your Redirect URL from Blubrry.

Step 7:¬†Don’t forget to hit the yellow “Save” button.

That’s it! If you discover that this process didn’t work correctly, of course double check your steps. If it’s still not working reach out for help on The Blubrry support page (which can be found at the bottom of the page). We may even need to update our instructions based on changes on the Spreaker interface.