PowerPress Theme Quick Start

Welcome to our guide for new WordPress users! We are happy to offer a free Basic WordPress Site to all of our hosting customers, and we have developed this guide to help you get started. You can also find a helpful video demo from our Support Team below.

Setting Your Site Title

To customize your site name and description, head to Appearance > Customize on the left-hand WordPress menu in your site’s dashboard. Then select Site Identity and enter your desired site title and description.


The site icon, also known as a favicon, appears in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and on mobile devices. You can upload your favicon here. It should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels with a transparent background (PNG) if possible.

Customizing the PowerPress Theme

Your WordPress site is your podcast’s home base, so let’s make it feel like home! Our pre-installed PowerPress Theme has many customizable options that we’ll cover in this guide. In addition to the written portions, we’ve included helpful videos by our support team.

Please keep in mind that this guide will help you get started, and there are more customization options available for you to explore on your own.

PowerPress Theme

All the customization options for your site are located under the PowerPress Theme menu item in your site’s dashboard.

Getting Started

This is the quickest way to make changes to your site with just a couple of clicks.

Page Layout

Choose how you want your site’s pages to be displayed. Do you want your sidebar on the right or left side?

Theme Color Scheme

Choose from pre-designed color templates, or use one as a base and continue customizing with the modules we’ll cover shortly.


Change the top portion of your site by adding your logo and a background image.

Header Logo

We recommend using your podcast artwork logo as the header logo image. It should be 320×220 pixels or smaller.

Header Navigation Placement

Decide where you want your header logo to appear in relation to your navigation menu.


Change the colors of your site on a granular level.

Customize Theme

Customize your site’s background, header, links and borders, typography, and footer.

Site Background

Want to change the color or add an image or pattern to your site or header background? No problem, you can easily do that here! Keep in mind, if you opt for a different color or image, we suggest choosing something subtle so that it doesn’t take away from your content.


When setting a header background image, we recommend a minimum dimension of 1200×214 pixels. This applies to the space above or below the menu, depending on your Header Navigation Placement settings.

Links and Borders

Customize your site’s link colors and borders by adjusting the sitewide and footer settings. Play around with size, color, and style to find the perfect look for your site.


Ensuring that your site is easy to read for visitors is crucial, and selecting the appropriate fonts and sizes can help you achieve this goal. By using these settings, you can browse a range of Google Fonts to find the ideal style and vibe for your site.


Looking to make the most of your site’s footer? It’s a great spot to add another menu for your visitors or display important copyright information. You can even include links to your podcast on social media! Plus, if you want to show off your use of PowerPress, we offer an option to display a “Powered by PowerPress” message.


Customize how your posts are displayed on your site.

Display Featured Images

Attract more attention to your posts with featured images that should be 800×400 pixels.

Post Format

Choose whether to show excerpts or full posts on your site.

Custom CSS

This area is only recommended for advanced developers.


This area is only recommended for advanced developers.