Adding Show Artwork to Blubrry Publisher

Every podcast needs artwork. This document covers how to add artwork to Blubrry Publisher feeds. Note: the instructions are the same for adding artwork for the first time or for updating artwork for an existing show. Also, these instructions are for Blubrry Publisher only. Click here for instructions on adding artwork to the PowerPress plugin.

Podcast Artwork Required Specifications

Before uploading your artwork, make sure it conforms to these technical requirements:

  • Image size between 1400px and 3000px square
  • RGB colorspace
  • File size below 500kb
  • File format must be JPG or PNG; JPG is recommended, as it tends to work better with podcasting platforms like Apple Podcasts
  • Recommended resolution of 72dpi; can be higher but 72dpi seems to work best with podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts

How to Add Artwork to Blubrry Publisher

First, log in to your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard. Next, click the Artwork link inside the Podcast Feed box.

Screenshot of a red arrow pointing at the Artwork link in the Blubrry dashboard

Click the Choose File button.

Screenshot of a red arrow pointing at the Choose File button of the Artwork dashboard

Locate the artwork image file on your local drive and select it. Once you see the artwork filename appear next to the Choose File button, click the UPLOAD button.

Screenshot of a red arrow pointing at a button marked UPLOAD

You’ll now see the successfully uploaded artwork.

Screenshot of the Blubrry Publisher Artwork dashboard showing uploaded podcast artwork for Podcast Insider

The artwork will automatically be added to your show’s podcast RSS feed. You don’t need to do anything else.