Add Blubrry Stats on ANY Hosting Platform

Blubrry’s statistics can be used on almost ALL podcast hosts and feed generators.

Add Blubrry stats at Captivate

Log into

Click “My Shows” and select your show.

Click “Edit Show Settings” in your header bar.

At the “Third-Party Analytics” section check the “Enable third-party analytics” box.

Enter your Blubrry stats redirect in the box:

Add Blubrry stats at Omny Studio

Follow the directions on this Omny support page.

When the instructions mention your “URL Prefix” or “Prefix URL”, enter:

Add Blubrry stats at Libsyn

Libsyn uses the term “Prepend” as well as “prefix” in their documentation.

To integrate Blubrry Statistics with Libsyn, follow the directions on Libsyn’s support page.

When the instructions ask for a prepend, enter:

Add Blubrry stats at Simplecast 

Log in to Simplecast.

In the header bar, click the name of your show.

Click “Show Settings”.

Click “Show Distribution” in the left sidebar.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced Settings”.

Enter the Blubrry stats redirect in “Enclosure URL”:

SoundCloud Click here

Spreaker Click here

Squarespace Click here

Add Blubrry stats at Anchor

Anchor currently doesn’t officially support the Blubrry stats redirect. You may email their support to request help with integrating the prefix, but we’re unable to help you. Sorry about that! You can still use Blubrry Statistics if you implement Podcast Mirror and put the stats redirect in there.  Then resubmit your shows to the directories using the podcast mirror feed URL.

Add Blubrry stats at Podbean, ART19, BuzzSprout, Omny & all other providers

To integrate, contact the support team at your hosting company. Here is a sample of what you would want to ask of them.


I started working with Blubrry Podcasting to measure my podcast statistics. I would like to add this URL prefix to all my enclosure tags:

Please treat it as you would a Podtrac prefix, so that enclosure URLs look like:”