Blubrry Statistics Requirements

The Rules

Follow the requirements on this page to obtain the most accurate statistics for your podcast.

No Preloading in Media Players

Preloading refers to the function where a player will automatically start loading the media upon page load. To ensure compliance, set preload=”none” within your audio or video player tag. This will improve page load times as well as avoid unnecessary bandwidth use.

Note: Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin and the embeddable Blubrry Audio Player already meet this requirement.

No Autoplay

Autoplay refers to a function of some embedded media  players that makes the players automatically start playing upon page load. This occurs when the attribute autoplay=true is included in the embed/object. In HTML5 media players, this happens when autoplay or autoplay=”autoplay” is included within the audio or video tag.

To meet Blubrry Stats requirements, do NOT include any variation of the autoplay property in your player. This will ensure more accurate podcast statistics and a more user-friendly experience for your audience.

Note: Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin and the embeddable Blubrry Audio Player already meet this requirement.

Screenshot of an audio player with play button, download link, and subscribe link

Use of ID3v2 Tags

ID3 tags are data stored within an MP3 file that contain information such as title, artist, year,  genre, and artwork for the podcast episode. Version 2 of the ID3 tag standard contains features required for podcasting. These include the ability to add images to ID3 tags and placing the tags at the start (header) of media files. By storing the ID3 tags in the header of the file, podcast players can promptly download the very first portion of your episode and display your show’s information as it retrieves the first minutes of your episode for playback. ID3v1 tags require the entire episode to be downloaded before the tags can be read.

If you are able to store an image in your ID3 tags, you are already using ID3v2 tags and are compliant with Blubrry stats.

1 Minute Within First 2MB of Media Files

At least one minute of audio must be downloaded to be recognized as “consumable” to accurately count podcast episode plays. To meet this guideline, the first minute of audio must be downloaded within the first 2MB of the audio file. This can be achieved by adhering to the following:

  • MP3 bitrate must be 192Kbps or lower (128Kbps joint stereo or 96Kbps mono recommended)
  • ID3 artwork (image saved to your ID3 tags) must be at most 300 kB (0.3MB)