Blubrry Stats Definitions

Blubrry Podcast Statistics have unique definitions and we explain not only what these mean, but how they’re calculated.

What Are Impactful Plays?

A significant portion (75% to 100%) of the episode was downloaded or played.

How is the Impactful Plays metric calculated?

Fully downloaded and played episodes where 75% or more of the episode was consumed make up the Impactful Plays total.

Why did Blubrry create the Impactful Plays metric?

Blubrry wanted to provide a metric when a significant portion of the episode was consumed by a listener.

Why are the Impactful Plays metric important to me?

This metric displays how meaningful your content comes across to your audience. Providing a clear picture of how many people are listening to a notable length of your episode

Retention Graph

The Retention Graph is a metric that provides an at-a-glance breakdown of completed plays and partial plays of media. Use this data to gain insight into how long your audience listens.