Affiliate Assets

One of the best ways to market your affiliate deal to potential customers is with images on your website. We’ve provided an assortment of images below for you to utilize on your own website or social media.

Download Your Affiliate Assets

Download the images below and upload them to your website to then place in blog posts, articles, episodes, pages, etc. We highly recommend you do not put them in image folders labeled ‘Ads’ or to rename the files.

Ad blockers will be able to detect the file names of your images on the site and then they will not appear for users utilizing an ad blocker for their browser if you’ve renamed them something with flagged words.

Using Blubrry’s official banner and graphics reinforces that your audience that you are a trusted authority on the subject and aids in brand recognition for Blubrry.

Most people that purchase internet services, especially podcasting services, search the internet for the best deals and insight into how the product works. These images make it easier for not only for Blubrry to stand out on your site, but in getting them to order sooner with your code.

Download affiliate banners.