Getting Started with the Podcast Network Plugin

This network plugin is available exclusively for Blubrry professional hosting customers, that are using the PowerPress plugin. If you’re not a professional customer yet, learn more about the plan here and contact us to get started.

Already A Pro Customer

If you’re already a Blubrry Pro customer, great! Contact our team to gain access to the plugin and we’ll assist in starting your network. Once we get some info from you, we’ll send you the plugin. Information at this point we need from you:

  • Network title
  • Brief description (sentence or two, doesn’t go on the site)
  • Which shows in your account and which shows in your current account you’d like to include.

Installing the Network Plugin

A Blubrry team member will email you the plugin zip, along with some instructions and you’re responsible for adding it your website. You’ll have to make sure you’re logged into PowerPress and the Network Plugin with your Blubrry credentials for everything to work smoothly.

Linking Your Account

After you download and activate the plugin, the PowerPress Network icon will appear on the sidebar of the WordPress Admin; this is where the Network Admin Dashboard lives. Your first time in the dashboard, you’ll sign into your Blubrry account and grant access to use our APIs.

Selecting Your Network

Once signed in, you’ll see your network, that the Blubrry team created for you. If it is not there, contact our support team. Click on the network title, and you’ll be linked up.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is your home, where you’ll manage your network. The Dashboard is laid out into three sections: Programs, Lists, Applicants. Going further into each section, you’ll see a detailed look at the network. There is also a ‘Clear Site Cache’ button that will clear your entire network’s cache. You will want to clear the cache frequently, especially after editing programs and lists. If you’re having problems seeing the changes throughout your network, try clearing the cache.

Program Section

This is where you’ll manage all of the programs in your network. First, you’ll see a list of all the current programs that belong to the network. You’ll notice that with each program listed, there is a link and ID. The link will inform you that there is not a network page on your site that corresponds to that program. Even though a page has been created, you need to make sure it is linked to the network. The program ID is for reference if you ever need to manually input a shortcode.

The ‘Manage Program Page’ button leads you to where you can edit a specific program. Here, you can change the network page or unlink the network page.

If a program link shows that it has not been set, the page will display the following options:

  • Create New Page: This will redirect you to the WordPress Page builder, with the Program shortcode autofilled for you.
  • Select Existing Page: This displays a drop-menu of all the pages on your website, even though some of them are not network specific. After you decide the page you’d like to link to, remember to put the shortcode on that page, which is generated for you.

If a program link has been set, then the page will show the following options:

  • Change Page: This displays a drop-menu of all the pages on your website, even though some of them are not network specific. After you decide the page you’d like to link to, remember to put the shortcode on that page, which is generated for you.
  • Unlink page: This will unlink the network from that page. That page will still exist and have the same URL. This is not the same as deleting a program in your network.


Lists Section

There is where you’ll manage the lists in your network. The first screen will show all the current lists that belong to that network. You can create a list by clicking on ‘Create New List’. Just like the program section, you’ll see a link and ID on all the lists, they work in the same way. The Pencil icon leads you to edit a list, and the Trashcan button deletes a list.

Managing Your List

  • After clicking the Pencil icon to edit you’ll be redirected to the list ‘List Management page’.
    1. You’ll need to edit your list title and description, and to do this you’ll need to click the ‘Edit’ button.
    2. The second prompt is where you can manage the page to where the list is linked to. It works the same as the program section.
    3. Lastly, you’ll manage which programs are in the list. The blue ‘Edit’ button allows you to add or delete programs from that list. The blue hyperlink that correlates to the program will redirect you to the Manage Program page for said program.

Application Section

This is where you’ll manage the applicants that have applied to join your network. When a program is in the ‘Pending’ column, it will show the title of the program and which list they applied to. You can approve, reject or leave it pending.