Simplify Your Editing with Descript and Publish Directly to Blubrry

Make easy episode edits and send your files and transcript to Blubrry.

Connect Descript to Blubrry for seamless publishing

Descript offers 30 days of its ‘Pro’ plan to Blubrry customers. Available to new Descript subscribers.

1) Record your podcast.
2) Edit with the Descript transcript doc.
3) Send media directly to Blubrry.
4) Publish your episode.

Descript is a powerful audio and video editing software that allows you to easily edit your recordings with a sophisticated transcript document. 

Those using Descript can connect your account to your Blubrry hosting dashboard or PowerPress. Connect Blubrry to your edited files for accelerated uploading and publishing. Get rid of the hassle involved in your podcast routine.

Making A Podcast With Descript

Descript Features and Descriptions

Uses a real-time document to transcribe your recording. Make your edits within the doc afterwards for audio editing.

  • Recording: Record your podcast in their software
  • Live Editing: Make changes in real-time!
  • Sequences: Create groups of tracks into one track
  • Cloud Media Library: Auto saving!
  • Timeline editor: Trims, crossfades and more, all synced to the script
  • Wordbar: Adjust the space between words
  • Multi Composition Projects: Pull more than one recording into one overall project


  • Batch Cut and Paste Audio: Easily copy/paste words and sentences
  • Fix Silences: Shorten or remove them entirely
  • Batch Clip Editing: Edit all properties at the same time
  • Mixing: Numerous functions for a professional experience
  • Fading: Seamless transitions
  • Effects Suite: Apply to certain portions or the whole project
  • Exporting, including nondestructive timeline exporting: Export tracks to a folder or hard drive and keep originals and finalized versions intact
  • Podcast Metadata: All the data you want, included in exports