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Blubrry updated its directory in 2021 and now has more than 3,175,000 podcasts included! An extensive directory benefits podcasters as well as podcast listeners and viewers. Podcasters, your shows are featured in the directory and that means lots of new people can find and subscribe to your show. For podcast enthusiasts, there are tons of shows to discover. All Blubrry users’ podcasts are added automatically to the podcast directory.

Find any type of audio or video podcast that you could be interested in. This directory is up-to-date, so you won’t find any inactive shows.

Add your Podcast to the Blubrry Directory

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Reasons Why You Could Have Been Added to the Directory

There are a number of reasons that you could have been added to the Blubrry Podcast Directory. We add shows on a daily basis in a number of different ways. Read below to find out why you could have been added.mycastSubAndroidSubEmail

  • Subscribe on Android: A listener wanted to subscribe to your show on their Android phone
  • Subscribe by Email: A listener wanted to receive email notifications about new episodes

Your Options as a Podcaster

There are three options when your podcast has been submitted to the Blubrry Podcast Directory.

  1. Do nothing: Enjoy the new subscribers that will come your way. Your podcast is simply listed in the directory.
  2. Claim your podcast: You can be featured on Blubrry, let people know who you are, and get some new subscribers.
    • You can appear in Blubrry apps (such as the Blubrry Roku app)
    • Sign up for our free and paid services, such as stats, hosting, audience surveys, etc.
  3. Remove your listing: Subscribers will still be able to receive your podcast feed, but we understand if you want to remove your show on our directory. The show will not be found via browse or search options.

Benefits of Claiming Your Podcast

Directory Listing

Updated Listing: We pull RSS feeds hourly.
Get Featured On Blubrry: Be featured on our website for search and categories.
Use Our Free Tools and Resources: Use our audience survey to learn about your audience, You can signup for Free Podcast Statistics, etc.
Participate in Advertising Opportunities: If you’re interested in monetizing and using our stats, you can be invited to participate in our advertising campaigns.

We understand that honoring your brand is critical. Your show listing will contain the following at a minimum: your show name, Apple Podcasts artwork, show summary, link to your website, RSS feed, Apple Podcasts link, hostname, and location if embedded in your feed.

What Happens If You Remove Your Listing

Blubrry Search: Anyone looking through the Blubrry Podcast Directory will not be able to search for your show in our directory.
Blubrry Directory Category: Anyone looking through the Blubrry Podcast Directory will not be able to find your show via our Category option.

We understand that you did not ask for us to add your podcast to the Blubrry Podcast Directory. Your podcast is automatically added to our directory and can be found only in our search results. Without notice from you, we are limiting your podcast’s exposure to search results only.

About Your Podcast Listing

The Blubrry Podcast Directory not only provides up-to-date podcasts but also offers subscription options and information as well. We do not modify your content or media files whatsoever. We understand that honoring your brand is critical. Your show listing will contain the following at a minimum:

  • Your show name and summary
  • Hostname(s)
  • Apple Podcasts artwork, Apple Podcasts link
  • Link to your website
  • RSS feed and location if embedded in your feed
  • Subscribe on Android link
  • Subscribe by Email link

Interested in Blubrry Podcast Hosting?

If you’re ready to start or migrate your podcast to a new platform, then you can reap the benefits of hosting your podcast with Blubrry. Become a member & add your podcast to our ever-growing podcast directory, don’t wait and join today!