Podcast Transcriptions

Make your podcast accessible with transcriptions and closed captions in Blubrry's modern player.

Add Transcriptions to Your Hosting Subscription

Words that Reach Further

Add transcriptions / closed captions to your podcast with the click of a button during your publishing process.

  1. Head to the Transcript box within the ‘Create Episode’ or ‘Create Post’ box in Blubrry’s dashboard or WordPress.
  2. Select Generate Transcript
  3. Publish your episode.
  4. Your closed caption transcript automatically be added to the Blubrry modern player within 10-15 minutes.

Transcripts are generated automatically after publishing and immediately available with Blubrry’s modern audio player. Take a look at an example on Podcast Insider above.

Available exclusively to Blubrry hosting customers.

Incredible automatic speech-to-text technology makes it simple to provide a podcast transcription / closed captions for each and every audio episode.

Transcription Integration

  • Unmatched performance, trusted by the startups and enterprise companies you know and love.
  • Providing faster and more accurate transcriptions than even before to Blubrry podcasters.
  • Available in over 30 languages, easily detected by the language in the podcast RSS feed.

Blubrry's Audio Player

  • The audio web player is available to any Blubrry hosting customer, with closed caption capability available automatically via rev available for an additional $10 a month.
  • A simple dropdown appears when selecting the CC (closed captioning) button within the player so listeners can follow along.
  • Visually appealing, with accessibility not found in any other podcast audio player on the market.

Benefits of Podcast Episode Transcriptions


  • Audio and video content becomes more accessible with 99% accurate captions to reach a broader podcast audience. Show your commitment to inclusivity for all audiences by providing transcriptions for everyone.

Improve SEO and Productivity

  • Enhance your search engine visibility by making your content searchable. More eyes and ears on your content means bigger discoverability overall.
  • Ease your podcast workflow and focus on what matters most, your podcast content.

Create Additional Content and Enhance Comprehension

  • With the time you’ve saved and the accurate speech to text transcriptions you can turn those into blog posts, social media clips, courses and more.
  • The combination of listening and reading to a podcast can vastly improve the content comprehension, perfect for detailed topics and discussions about your podcast content.

Reliability and Professionalism

  • High accuracy, perfected by skilled professionals, and quick turnaround.
  • Show off your attention to detail and dedication to quality. Transcriptions demonstrate your level of dedication and can increase credibility with your audience.