Creating a Podcast Network on your WordPress Website

Starting a podcast network just got a bunch easier with Blubrry’s Podcast Network Plugin, free to our Professional Hosting customers. These high-level customers can start their own podcast network website today with the help of our new WordPress plugin. 

The Podcast Network Plugin allows you to create and share a network with other podcasts inside and outside of the Blubrry hosting domain. Podcasts using Blubrry hosting can be added for free — up to 500 shows — and podcasts outside can as well for a monthly fee starting at $50 for up to 30 shows, both with the show-host’s approval.

If you’re not yet a Professional Hosting customer, there has never been a better time to upgrade. We will work with you to determine your specific needs and pricing, starting at about $100 a month. 

This is revolutionary! For the first time, any podcaster can build and manage a podcast network using a plugin designed by the Blubrry team. When used in tandem with our PowerPress Podcasting Plugin you can grow your show organically on your site while partnering with shows that may or may not host at Blubrry.

The plugin creates show pages for you with a click of a mouse. It offers organized lists you can display on your network to your liking using any template you desire and so very much more.

Let’s break it down:

  • Want to add shows that aren’t in your account but using Blubrry hosting? No problem.
  • Not sure how to create a website with multiple shows on it? Taken care of.
  • Save your time, money and a potential headache with our simple, yet powerful plugin. All the benefits of PowerPress, scaling capabilities, and flexibility for your fellow creators.

Are you excited? We are. If you’re not yet using our Professional Hosting, contact us and we’ll get you going. Arrange a demonstration of all the features of the Blubrry Podcast Network Plugin the most powerful audience building tool to be introduced in the past decade.