Affiliate Marketing Program

The Blubrry team today announces the official launch of its first affiliate program that will allow podcast consultants, podcasters and enthusiasts to earn rewards for promoting and selling the large range of services offered here at

The program is unique in the affiliate marketing space in that it will benefit affiliates with cash rewards for sales of services. Affiliates then can earn additional annual revenue based on the annual gross revenue of sales.

“We want to take care of our affiliates and make them a integrated part of our sales team, making our customers their customers,” explains RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane. “Too often affiliate programs do not reward affiliates over a long period of time for delivering business. We want long-term relationships with our affiliates and that is the reason we introduced annual bonuses.”

A variety of promotions will be launched throughout this year with myriad offerings to bring great deals to podcasters and their affiliates. The first program offers podcasters a free month of service and the affiliate earns a reward equal to one month of service. Top rewards in this promotion could reach $80 per new account plus go toward the affiliate’s annual bonus.

To apply for the Blubrry Affiliate program, login to the website, click manage account followed by make money and apply.

The team here at looks forward to long term relationships with all of our new Affiliates.