Meet Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane

Todd Cochrane
Todd Cochrane

Todd Cochrane is a distinguished pioneer in the podcasting industry, recognized for his visionary contributions and innovative spirit. As the CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, he has been a driving force in shaping the modern podcasting landscape. His commitment to the medium is reflected in his seminal work, Podcasting: The Do-It-Yourself Guide, published in 2005, which laid the foundation for many podcasting enthusiasts and professionals.

Cochrane’s ingenuity had only just begun with his book. He founded the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and the Tech Podcast Network, initiatives that have celebrated and promoted podcasting talent across the globe. His foresight in recognizing the potential of podcasting led him to GoDaddy, becoming the first podcaster with a sponsor and advertising campaign behind him, a sponsorship that continues today. In addition to his role as CEO, Cochrane hosts three podcasts: Geek News Central, the New Media Show and is a co-host of Podcast Insider

Todd Outlier 2022In 2015, Cochrane’s trailblazing efforts were formally acknowledged when he was inducted into the inaugural class of the Podcast Hall of Fame – an honor that solidifies his status as a key influencer in the industry. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional contributions and the impact he has had on the world of podcasting.

Cochrane’s most profound influence, however, stems from his leadership role at Blubrry Podcasting. Under his guidance, Blubrry has blossomed into a full-service podcast hosting platform, renowned for its PowerPress plugin — the No. 1 podcasting plugin for WordPress. This tool alone has empowered tens of thousands of podcasters to share their voices with the world, simplifying the publishing process and enhancing the accessibility of podcasting as a medium.

His leadership has been pivotal in cementing Blubrry Podcasting’s reputation as an industry trailblazer. Cochrane has successfully overseen the company’s growth, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advances and service in the rapidly evolving podcasting space.

Beyond his professional achievements, Cochrane is a dedicated United States Navy veteran. His decorated 25-year military career culminated with his retirement as a senior chief petty officer, a rank that speaks to his commitment and leadership abilities. 

Cochrane is an alumnus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which provided him with a strong educational foundation to excel in his endeavors. Today, he calls Southwestern Michigan home, where he continues to inspire and lead in the digital media realm.