Blubrry Podcasters Can Publish Premium Episodes to Apple Podcasts

Blubrry and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions offer monetization opportunities for podcasters, enabling them to generate revenue from their content and listener base. It’s a profitable monetizing option — and signing up is easier than you think!

What are Apple Podcast Subscriptions?

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions offer creators a seamless way to provide premium audio experiences to listeners on Apple Podcasts.

Creators Can Easily…

  • Set up a freemium or paid subscription for their show or channel
  • Define the premium benefits, such as exclusive content, early access, and ad-free listening
  • Configure monthly and annual pricing and free trials
  • Offer the subscription to listeners across devices in over 170 countries and regions

Podcast Subscription Ideas

  • Paid subscribers get new episodes pre-selected days before free users.
    • Best Choice for Podcasters starting Premium offering
  • Paid subscribers get Ad-Free episodes.
  • Bonus Episodes for paid subscribers.

Why You Should Use Apple Podcast Subscriptions for Subscribers

There are a few reasons offering subscriptions for your podcast can work in your favor. Offering paid subscriptions is a great way to earn revenue for your podcast, made even easier by simple publishing within Blubrry. And, of course, people love to be part of a club. Subscriptions allow for a more intimate or close relationship with your audience, something all podcasters strive to achieve.

How to Get Started

First, you must have an Apple Podcasts Connect account and join the Apple Podcasters Program. Once you’ve done that, get started on the steps below.

  1. Choosing your subscription benefits is one of the most important parts! Here you’ll decide if you want to offer exclusive content earlier, only to subscribers, for a fee, etc. You’ll do this in the Apple Podcasts Connect account. For additional details, follow these links for one show or multiple shows.
  2. Publish a public episode of your show, usually an introduction or a trailer. From there, you can promote your subscription benefits.
  3. Create your subscription content, aka your premium episode.
  4. Publish your premium episodes, all within Blubrry’s publishing platform in the dashboard!

Check out our support documentation.

Available exclusively to Blubrry’s Advanced hosting customers. Resources such as documentation can be found here, and customers can reach out to our support team seven days a week for assistance.