Tips on Podcast Show Notes and SEO

The easy way to write your podcast show notes for SEO.

There is a simple way to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into your podcast’s show notes. We’ll share three easy-to-implement techniques that will help, but first let’s discuss why this is important.

One crucial element of podcasting ‘The Blubrry Way’ is to have your own website that serves as your podcast’s home on the internet. And, of course, you want people to visit your website. Appearing at the top of the list of search results will get more traffic. SEO matters, even to podcasters.

As a podcaster with your own website, you already have one built-in SEO advantage — you update your website every time you release an episode.

By regularly updating your website with your latest podcast episode and show notes, you are making your website rank higher in search results (search engines like webpages that are regularly updated). But the show notes you write can move you even closer to that coveted No.1 spot in search results.

Here are some techniques for writing your show notes with SEO in mind:

  • Write your show notes like a newspaper article. This includes:

    • Make your most important points first.
    • Write in complete sentences.
    • Use straightforward language (search engines hate snark).
  • Make sure your show notes include between 300 – 500 words.
  • Use links and the formatting tools in your Rich Text Editor, as appropriate.

Writing your podcast show notes with these three easy-to-implement SEO techniques will positively affect your rankings in search results. 

One last thing: Be aware that there are millions of resources about SEO. You can conduct your own research and become an expert in SEO over time, and an expert in SEO would use additional techniques such as finding search trends, drafting multiple versions of text for specific niches and formatting their show notes so that each post is filled to the brim with every recommended advantage. While these practices hold value, moderation is the key: They may affect readability for the human that visits your website, alienating your listener.

More importantly, a podcaster often does not have the time needed to expertly write their show notes for SEO after they create their content, handle all the post production tasks to make sure they sound amazing, and then promote their podcast. Following these easy tips to incorporate SEO into your podcast’s show notes allows you reserve adequate time for all the other aspects of producing your podcast, and maybe even allows you time for interests outside of your podcasting efforts.

If you would like to know more about writing great show notes, read this Podcast Insider Article from 2018.

If you would like to outsource the technical aspects of your podcast (including post-production editing and writing expert show notes), consider Blubrry’s Professional Podcast Production Services.