Submit your podcast to the iTunes Podcast Directory

To submit your podcast to the iTunes podcast directory, you must first meet the minimum requirements.

iTunes podcast submission minimum requirements

  • You have created (recorded and produced) your first podcast episode in one of the accepted audio, video or ebook formats. iTunes does not accept blank podcasts.
  • Created a podcast feed to syndicate your podcast to iTunes (We recommend using WordPress with the Blubrry PowerPress plugin to create this feed for you automatically)
  • The podcast feed must comply with the following:
    • Podcast title be unique (make sure the podcast title you choose does not already exist on iTunes)
    • The iTunes email field has a valid email address (Apple will send approval notifications to this address)
    • At least one category (the first category will be where your program will be listed in the directory)
    • Your artwork is at least 1400×1400 or at most 2048×2048 in size in png or jpeg format using an RGB color space. We recommend a 1400×1400 jpg image.¬† (Note: RGB images are for screen viewing. images using a CMYK color space are for printing and are rejected)
    • You have at least one episode utilizing one of the following formats: mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, pdf, or epub.

If you meet the criteria above, you are now ready to submit your podcast to iTunes.

Submit your podcast to iTunes

Click the following link to Submit your RSS podcast feed URL to the iTunes Store.

Please use the following instructions if the above link fails:

Open the desktop version of the iTunes app (for Windows or MAC). Once opened, navigate to the iTunes store. On the right of the iTunes store you will see a vertical menu like the one pictured. Click the arrow to the right of the current title of the store you are in to display a drop down menu. Select ‘Podcasts’.


Once you have loaded the Podcasts section of iTunes, select the option in the menu titled “Submit a Podcast”.


You will be presented a “Submit Podcasts to the iTunes Directory” screen. Enter your podcast feed URL in the box provided and then click ‘Continue’.


This first step tests your feed, artwork, and media is hosted on HTTP/1.1 compliant web services. This step also checks that you have a valid email, category, podcast title, and artwork configured in your feed. This first step will fail if your podcast does not meet these technical requirements.

Note: If you are not already signed into your account, you will be prompted for your Apple ID and password.


Once the feed is checked for possible technical problems, you will be presented a “Review Podcast” screen. This is your opportunity to confirm the artwork, program title (Name), Author (talent names), Short Description (iTunes subtitle), Long Description (iTunes summary), Category, Subcategory, Language and Explicit settings are correct. Now is the time to make changes before you submit the podcast to iTunes.


If you are happy with the “Review Podcast” results displayed, click the “Submit” to add your podcast to iTunes. Within the next hour you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your podcast is now under review. Within 1-14 days you will receive either an accepted or rejected notification. Please see Email Notifications from iTunes Store for details.

For issues with your podcast and you haven’t been able to find an adequate answer on Blubrry, submit your issue with iTunes, this page has the updated information.