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Millions of people around the world are listening to Internet radio every day. These are new audiences for podcasters, and that is why we at Blubrry have partnered with StreamGuys to create Podcast2Radio, instantly turning your podcasts into an Internet radio stream for broad distribution.


Get your podcast on these channels

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It’s Easy!

You can convert your shows into a curated stream simply by signing in and signing up. Custom streams are also available for more creative curation.

iTunes and Apple TV

iTunes hosts a highly active Internet radio directory with millions of listeners. Your podcast will be listed in the directory, streaming 24/7.


Reach Android users and get daily stats on who is listening, where and when. Up-sell your current sponsors.

Wide Distribution

  • Internet radio directories
  • In-home audio
  • In-car audio

24/7 Streaming

  • Playlist archives
  • Network streams
  • ‘Best of’ stream
  • Last three episodes updated every day
  • One-click playback

HTML5 Players

  • Mobile web player
  • Desktop player
  • Social media player

Killer Analytics

  • Geo-tracking
  • Total listening time
  • Platform stats
  • Number of listeners
  • Stats dashboard


Look at the simple player that will blend in anywhere!

Your Internet Radio Stream Can Be Heard…

iTunes Internet Radio Directory and Apple TV, TuneIn, Sonos, SHOUTcast, Aha Radio, Xbox One, iHeart Radio (placement not guaranteed), Android and Kindle Fire devices, Bose.
Amazon’s Alexa, Zeno and many more with additional distribution partners coming soon.


Podcast2Radio users, submit to these directories

Check out the player for your stream!

Create more than one Podcast2Radio stream

Still confused about internet radio?

The best news is how affordable this new distribution is: in fact it’s only $39 a month! Get started with Blubrry and StreamGuys today to have your podcast consumed on internet radio.

Get Started

*iHeart Radio approves all podcasts, so listing is not guaranteed. Blubrry will submit your stream on your behalf.