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DreamHost has solidified its reputation as a go-to provider for web hosting, cloud hosting and an array of other services that empower individuals and businesses to establish and grow their online presence. Its partnership with Blubrry adds a layer of possibilities for podcasters and content creators looking to monetize their shows.

The Blubrry and DreamHost collaboration benefits Blubrry users, aligning the power of podcasting with the potential for financial gain. Through this partnership, Blubrry users are offered an opportunity to earn $97 for each successful sale generated by promoting DreamHost to their audience.  Another $5 can be pocketed by users through their affiliation with Blubrry.

To take advantage of this affiliate promotion,  email blubrry@dreamhost.com and provide essential details such as your show name, URL and contact number. The DreamHost team will set up your affiliate account, ensuring a seamless transition into this profit-boosting opportunity.

The DreamHost partnership, combined with the affiliate agreement, enables podcasters to explore the benefits of the affiliation.

The  Blubrry and DreamHost partnership is an avenue where podcasters can steer their shows in a profitable direction. DreamHost provides web hosting and cloud hosting among other services. It enables Blubrry users to earn $97 for every sale they make by promoting DreamHost to their audience and an extra $5 through Blubrry affiliation.

For more information on DreamHost, take a look here. Questions on our current partnership details, we’re here to help you.