Seek and You Shall Thrive

The Thrive Bundle is evolvingAs podcasters, we are constantly searching for tools and services to enhance our show’s quality, extend its reach, and provide insightful analytics to track progress. Recognizing these needs, we’ve offered our Thrive Bundle for a year now. And the great thing about that is we keep adding to and enhancing your options! 

Thrive is an exceptional suite of features that amplify your podcast’s potential. The Thrive Bundle is a game-changer for serious podcasters for just an additional $10 a month for those with our Advanced Hosting plan or higher. Let’s dive into what this bundle offers and how it can benefit your podcast.

Advanced Analytics

Understanding and growing your audience requires more than just raw listener numbers. The Thrive Bundle’s advanced analytics give you an in-depth look into your podcast’s performance. Track listener trends, subscriber counts, and even individual episode performance. It offers average daily plays, plus we’ve separated your audience into listeners and subscribers.

Episode Comparison for Performance Insights

One of the standout features of the Thrive Bundle is the ability to compare episodes side-by-side. Thrive Bundle users can select any five episodes to analyze how the episodes are doing. Performance checks compare the effectiveness of different social or advertising strategies and A|B tests podcasters have implemented. It allows you to see which topics, formats or guest appearances resonate most with your audience, helping you to refine your content strategy and focus on what works best.

Apple Reviews

Access your Apple reviews in the statistic area and engage with listeners who have reviewed your show socially or take a quick review of your podcast’s popularity. This is instrumental in allowing you to share your accolades and achievements on social media. 

Dynamic Advertising Features

Monetization is a critical aspect of podcasting for many creators. The Thrive Bundle offers dynamic advertising capabilities, allowing you to insert pre-roll ads into your episodes seamlessly. This feature opens new revenue streams or the ability to promote episodes or special events and allows for targeted messages, enhancing listener experience by delivering relevant ads. (If you upgrade to Professional Hosting, you can get midroll and post-roll as part of an addon for Pro Hosting.)

Quicklinks: Streamline Your Workflow

The Thrive Bundle also offers enhanced Quicklinks, a streamlined podcasting workflow feature. This tool simplifies sharing your podcast across various platforms, ensuring that your episodes reach as broad an audience as possible with minimal effort. Thrive incorporates hyperlinks, V4V, donations, and additional analytics. The Value4Value feature accessible through Quicklinks empowers your audience to financially support your show through podcasting 2.0 apps and services. Other donation links, such as Paypal, Patreon, and Buy Me a Coffee are also offered.

Coming Soon: AI Enhancements

Blubrry is committed to staying at the forefront of podcasting technology, thus, the Thrive Bundle is set to include AI enhancements. These innovations promise to offer tools that will simplify podcast production, distribution, analysis, and sharing on social, making it easier than ever to create and share engaging content.

The Blubrry Thrive Bundle is more than just an add-on; it’s an investment in your podcast’s future. For a nominal fee of $10 a month, you gain access to a suite of features that enhance your podcast’s quality and reach and provide deep insights into your audience’s preferences and behavior. The Thrive Bundle will continue to grow in value with Blubrry offering tools and capabilities that can help take your show to the next level. Join the ranks of successful podcasters leveraging Blubrry’s advanced features to thrive in the competitive world of podcasting.