Blubrry Unveils Beneficial Widgets for Enhanced Listener Engagement

Add these widgets to your podcast website

In the dynamic world of podcasting, staying ahead of the curve and continuously engaging your audience is key to growth and success. Recognizing this, we set forth curating an innovative series of website widgets and embeds. These tools are not just enhancements; they’re transformative elements designed to elevate the podcasting experience for creators and listeners significantly.

These functions embody our dedication to empowering podcasters with the means to forge deeper connections with their audience. This is just the latest development toward implementing Podcasting 2.0 features that are a testament to advancing the podcasting community and providing creators with essential tools to expand their reach and strengthen listener loyalty.

What Makes These Widgets Stand Out?

The introduction of these widgets marks a pivotal moment in podcasting, bringing Podcasting 2.0 functionalities directly to creators’ websites. From live show information and episode transcripts to listener interaction features like Boostagrams and credits, these widgets are designed to seamlessly integrate with any podcast website, providing many interactive features. Here’s a glimpse into the variety:

  • Subscribe: Configure any destination link
  • Funding: Easy access to funding/donation platforms
  • Credits: Acknowledge your podcast team members
  • Trailer: Give listeners an embeddable player to preview your show
  • Live Show: Show off your live show times: upcoming, live and over
  • Value4Value: Enable cryptocurrency integration
  • Boostagram: Listeners can send donations with their crypto wallet
  • Audience Survey: Learn more about your listeners
  • Podroll: Include a list of recommended podcasts

While they are simple to implement they are aimed at fostering stronger connections between creators and their audience.


Ease of Use: A Priority

Understanding the diverse technical expertise of podcast creators, we’ve designed these widgets with simplicity in mind. Installation and customization are straightforward, ensuring creators can easily incorporate these tools into their websites without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

How Can Podcasters Benefit?

The introduction of these widgets provides a multitude of benefits for podcasters, including:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive features keep listeners involved and invested in your content.
  • Valuable Insights: Real-time data and feedback inform content strategy and audience preferences.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Simplified donation processes encourage listener support.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Features such as transcripts and chapters improve the overall listener experience.

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Getting Started

For podcasters eager to explore these new widgets and embeds, Blubrry has made it easy. Visit the Widget & Embeds section under Show and Manage in the Dashboard sidebar or dive into the Widgets & Embeds page for detailed information. The Blubrry team is also ready to assist with any questions or support needs, ensuring a smooth integration of these tools into your website.

Our new widgets and embeds are more than just features; they are a leap forward in podcasting engagement. By embracing these tools, podcasters can enhance their show’s appeal and deepen their connection with the audience, paving the way for sustained growth and success in the podcasting arena. We look forward to seeing how our podcasters add these to their shows.