Introducing the Thrive Bundle with Enhanced Features for Podcast Tools

Podcasters’ ability to understand their audience get better and better with Blubrry

The methods in which podcasters can understand their audience is getting better and better with Blubrry. We’re excited to release our freshest features plus enhancements to existing products in the Thrive Bundle, encompassing a number of new tools for podcasters.

Pre-Roll Ad Insertion

Previously available to only our pro-hosting podcasters, we’ve made pre-roll dynamic ad insertion painless to include advertisements or promotions at the beginning of your show, all through our ad campaign system. 


A simple, branding-free page with your own customizable links. Designed to direct your audience to wherever you want. With the following additional features:

  • 5 custom links of your choosing
  • Donation link for (Paypal, Pateron, Buy Me a Coffee)
  • Value4Value donation link
  • Google Analytics tracking


Episode Comparison

Easily compare how your episodes are doing with the Episode Comparison graph. While anyone with advanced hosting can see their three most recent episodes for reviewing and comparing, Thrive Bundle users can select “any” five episodes to compare.

This tool compares episodes and checks performance to allow you to try different social or advertising strategies and A|B testing for performance.

Estimated Audience

Different listener types can be confusing. For this data point, we’ve separated your audience into two groups: Listeners and Subscribers. 

  • Listeners are the daily average of listens over the 12 most recent episodes, all listens. 
  • Subscribers are the daily average of all listens over the 12 most recent episodes within the past 48 hours of your published show, available to Thrive Bundle users.

Apple Podcast Reviews

You’ll be able to see all of your Apple Podcast reviews and share them on social media at any time. No need to check for reviews within Apple Podcasts.

Advanced Hosting customers can order the Thrive Bundle for an additional $10 a month. Learn more here.

We can’t wait to see your podcast thrive! If you have any questions, please contact our support team, 7 days a week.