Advanced RSS Features: Podcasting 2.0 – PCI 335

RSS feed logo (black)Blubrry is dedicated to implementing Podcasting 2.0 features; today we’ll be exploring what some of these features are and how they work within the Blubrry Podcasting platform.

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Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

What is RSS and why is it important to podcasting?

  • Really Simple Syndication 
  • RSS is an OPEN web standard (not owned or controlled by anyone) 
  • It’s the primary way that podcasts are distributed
  • It is what keeps podcasting an open medium that is not cancelable 

What is the Podcasting 2.0 project? 

  • It’s an open project to add features to RSS
  • It’s an open directory of podcasts (
  • It’s a way to monetize podcasts via Value4Value rather than advertising

What new features are available through the Podcasting 2.0 project?

  • Live Item – Allows you to announce via your RSS feed that you are going live. Adds the ability to listen/watch live without leaving your podcast app.
  • V4V – Allows satellite streaming and boosts donations and comments via lighting (bitcoin)
  • Transcripts / Closed captioning – Your transcript link in the feed can be viewed on apps that allow it. It also can be viewed on closed caption-capable players/apps. 
  • Credits – Who are your hosts, guests, producer and so on? Like movie credits right in your RSS feed 
  • TXT – An open tag for codes and other things to prove ownership once the email address is removed from the feed.
  • Location – Allows you to set the location of your show or an episode. 
  • Cross-app comments – This allows people to comment on your episode no matter which app they are using, without leaving the app. 
  • GUID – A behind-the-scenes tag that identifies your podcast no matter where you host or move to. Kind of an ID number for your show.
  • Funding – A place to put your donate link, such as Patreon, PayPal, Buymeacoffee or donate page right in the feed for apps to show.
  • And more!

Why is Podcasting 2.0 important?

  • It allows for innovation in the podcast industry
  • It helps keep podcasting a free and open standard for the open web
  • It offers alternative funding for shows thorough V4V
  • Read more here

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