Ways to Monetize Your Podcast – PCI 336

Profiting from your podcast is common and something that most creators consider or hope for at some point. Today, we discuss the ways that podcasters can make money from their shows.

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Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and MacKenzie Bennett

Monetize Your Podcast

The many ways in which you can monetize your podcast


  • Programmatic advertising: anyone can do this and ads can be about anything, however you’re not in control as the creator
  • Sponsorships and ad deals: specific to that campaign and have detailed requirements within a contract
  • Stats factor into any type of ad deal often times
  • Can be dependent on whether you have built an audience
  • Joining an ad network can ease the process of finding advertisers and deals

Value4Value (V4V) 

  • Call-back to last week’s episode, very simple once it’s properly set up
  • From Podcast Index team – Blubrry has implemented many of the tools recently


  • Loyal listeners may be inclined to donate to you
  • Tried and true, it’s easy to add a donation button to your website anywhere
  • Cashapp and Venmo are now also very popular and easy to use for this

Premium Content

  • Early release of episodes for members
  • Ad-free versions of the show
  • Bonus content
  • Extended content
  • Apple premium
    • Allows for simplified premium listening for the audience (and our integration for creators)
    • There are lots of different ways to go about this

Selling Your Own Stuff

  • Books
  • Merch
  • Other products you produce or sell
  • Courses
  • Paid webinars, summits and events
  • Promoting your business

Passive Income

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads on your website

And of course, just do your podcast for the fun of it and forget the idea of monetization. That is the great thing about podcasting; it’s inexpensive and it’s quite fun.

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