Managing Your Podcast Expectations – PCI 261

Starting a podcast is very exciting and nerve wracking, but there is something else you need to consider: managing your podcast expectations. There are plenty of tales out there from podcast hosts about how they made it big with an audience and sponsors right away. Be wary of those special cases and take a realistic look at what you can expect when you are a podcast.


Best Practice

Manage Your Podcast Expectations: Know what to expect when starting a podcast

  • Podcasts start slowly (unless you are already have a large following)
  • If you really want to make a go of it, be consistent for at least two years
  • You will become an expert and subject matter expert in your niche (if you are not already)
  • Money won’t come right away. Podcasting is definitely not a get-rich-quick thing
  • You just might become famous in your niche
  • Prepare for some tech, whether you’re learning a little, or paying someone else to do it

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Question(s) of the Week

Question: I want my podcast to be ordered with the first episode at the top of the list. How would I do that?

Answer: Let me talk you out of it! I wouldn’t do that. Podcasts are episodic content, meaning it’s ongoing and traditionally the latest episode first and the rest in descending order. Podcast listeners are used to that and to turn that around would be both confusing and would cause everyone to listen to episode one and take a long, long time to get you your new episodes.


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